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Who was it that said that business and comfort don't mix? It wasn't us. We are fans of ''lazy moments''. Why? Well, just take a seat in one of our comfortable club armchairs and you'll understand the reason. Simply lean back and relax. Enjoy the simple pleasures of everyday work.

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Armchairs bring cosiness to business

If mind and body are relaxed thinking and deciding is much easier. This is why cosy corners with armchairs and small tables are also a popular meeting place for employees, customers and partners. Who knows: Perhaps your next big business deal will not be sealed in the conference room but in a cosy atmosphere.

What do I have to consider when choosing armchairs?

Club armchairs play an important role in social room furnishings or as equipment for small meeting corners. They bear their name because the typical shape with compact seat and half-height backrest first appeared in gentlemen's clubs, where businessmen wanted to chat in a relaxed manner without sinking into overly deep upholstered furniture.

The look of these armchairs has remained the same throughout the centuries. A timeless, discreet appearance meets high-quality materials and a compact shape. To make the ensemble of armchairs as inviting as possible, you should compliment them with a matching bistro table and decorate the surroundings accordingly.

Even if the armchairs are exceptionally compact, each armchair-table group should be planned and set up some distance apart from other chairs and tables. This will enhance privacy and reduce the noise level in the cafeteria, for example.

It goes without saying that you should focus on uniformity when it comes to shape and colour. If you decide on a cover and a shape, apply this decision to the whole room and all armchair groups in the company. In smaller rooms, light-coloured upholstery fabrics work best.

What makes an armchair ergonomic?

With their typical shape, the club chairs are pretty ergonomic anyway, as they promote an upright sitting posture and the pelvis does not sink in too deeply. The half-height armrests relieve the strain on the shoulders and neck muscles.

Although they are by no means as functional as a good office swivel chair, the informal discussion culture in chair groups also plays a decisive role. We will be happy to advise you personally on the optimal equipment for this culture of conversation.

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