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Desk chairs and executive chairs – if you're going to be sitting, then do it properly: for many people, working also involves remaining seated at a desk for extended periods. It's therefore often not a question of whether you are sitting while at work, but rather how. The right desk chair or executive armchair, however, allows you to ensure you have the best prerequisites for sitting as flexibly and ergonomically as possible.

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Desk chairs and executive chairs: healthy sitting is child's play!

You are, no doubt, already well informed about the importance of the right desk chairs and executive chairs for employee health. So you just need a few tips on how to recognise models which can claim to be ergonomic. Because this functionality is also hidden in what seems the most compact models.

What's the difference between a desk chair and an executive chair?

The executive chair – typically with armrests – looks impressive, is well upholstered, consists mostly of high-quality fabrics and already looks at first glance as if a company director could sit in it. However, this does not mean that it is more functional than a modest office chair.

Executive chairs enjoy unbroken popularity because they look more comfortable and invite you to sit for a long time. However, this now also applies to more compact industrial chairs that support the body in the optimum writing and working posture at the particular table.

What do I need to pay attention to when choosing desk chairs and executive chairs?

A desk chair is always the right choice if it perfectly suits the user, the space available and the task at hand. It is very important that you not only pay attention to the general cornerstones of healthy sitting and the factors of a good office chair, but also take a close look at the respective employee.

Different body sizes, weights and physical impairments require different seat depths, backrest heights and support functions. This ensures that the chair is tailored to your individual needs.

Of course, the high quality of the materials also plays a role. These should be hygienic, as breathable as possible, robust and yet comfortable.

What makes a desk chair ergonomic?

Ergonomics in short means that the chair adapts in every factor to the user and can be adjusted as infinitely as possible. This applies not only to the height but also to the backrest and seat inclination. It ensures that the supporting contact of the back with the chair never breaks off. In addition, an ergonomic desk chair offers subtle stimuli for the user to move from time to time. You can also achieve this with rocker mechanisms and smooth rotation.

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