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Design of fans

Air keeps circulating pleasantly in company premises when suitable fans are used. Powerful industrial fans are available in our webshop. A ceiling fan for permanent installation ensures air circulates throughout the room. Pedestal fans allow the air to be directed at a particular spot while also remaining fully mobile when necessary. A radial fan as an exhaust system is used for extracting air. To guarantee optimal installation in the room, the individual fans are not only available in flexible housing designs, but can also be selected as particularly sound absorbing versions for the respective noise level. Systems that save power, and yet yield high kW outputs, are important when fans are being used without interruption. The webshop also offers the latest ventilation systems for office equipment as well. Whether a high performance fan, floor fan or pedestal fan including an infrared remote control – high quality company equipment can be found here online.

Fans as tabletop devices
Tabletop fans bring a pleasant breath of fresh air to the workplace when temperatures heat up in summer. Attractive designs with an elegant chrome-plated finish also make them appealing to look at. Fans made of plastic are particularly easy to take care of. The range of respective dimensions for the rotor blades extend to well over 250 mm. An additional advantage of tabletop devices: they can be put into storage when it's winter. This frees up more space for documents, papers and other peripheral device. All units are delivered free of charge within a short period, and comply with all device-typical safety requirements. Protective covers and an automatic overheating protection device guarantee safe installation. Order high quality industrial products for long lasting and uninterrupted operation made by quality suppliers such as HSM online now, and enjoy the convenient delivery conditions, which also include a thirty-day right of return for every individual article.


Cool ideas, not just for hot days: fans. They get the air moving and cool down the room. And even in winter, fans are more useful than you might think: they return the heat accumulated under the ceiling back towards the floor.
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Ex. VAT from 174,90
Ex. VAT from 87,90
Desk fan
HxWxD 470 x 355 x 270 mm
Ex. VAT from 37,40
Floor fan with carrying handle
chrome plated steel, 3-speed
Ex. VAT from 108,90
Pedestal fan with plastic housing
white, 3 speed settings
Ex. VAT from 50,60
Ex. VAT from 60,50
Ex. VAT 279,50
Ceiling fan with wooden blades
rotor blade Ø 1320 mm
Ex. VAT 301,50
Industrial fan
IPX4 pedestal model
Ex. VAT 285,00
Ceiling fan with metal blades
rotor blade Ø 1220 mm
Ex. VAT 72,80
Ceiling fan with metal blades
rotor blade Ø 1420 mm
Ex. VAT 88,40
Ex. VAT from 93,50
Floor fan
chrome plated, all metal, 3 level speed control
Ex. VAT from 105,00
Industrial fan
pedestal model
Ex. VAT 381,00
Ex. VAT from 109,90
Pedestal fan, height adjustable
rotor blade Ø 400 mm
Ex. VAT from 119,90
Window fan
for multi-purpose building
Ex. VAT 289,50
Ventilation fan
for multi-purpose building
Ex. VAT 439,00
18 items found
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