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Tool trolleys – mobility in the workshop
Mechanics, carpenters or metal workers maintain mobility within the workshop when they have a tool trolley. A craftsman can achieve a lot with his bare hands and understanding, but can't do everything without his tools. A tool trolley allows him to take the most important accessories along to his place of work, ensuring that every operation is just right. In large companies, having every employee have his own workshop tools handy is recommended. The worker is responsible for this, and can rely on always having the necessary equipment with him. Tool trolleys therefore represent an ideal supplement to workshop cupboards for every commercial operation. Both in the workshop and in other job site, they provide the mobility required. They can be flexibly equipped for the respective tasks, and offer, in contrast to tool cases or tool belts, enough storage space for the complete set of equipment. Tools are well protected and safely housed in stable transport devices and trolleys.

Tool trolleys must be stable and be functional
Tool trolleys are available in different sizes and designs to suit the respective requirements and the place of use. Along with this, assembly centres or workshop equipment with perforated panels provide an ideal solution to make sure tools are ready to use everywhere. Two fixed castors and two swivel castors affixed to the tool trolley ensure the necessary mobility, and allow them to be moved and steered when loaded. In addition, the swivel castors are fitted with wheel stops to guarantee stability during use. Most tool trolleys not only feature a worktop, but also drawers in different sizes. These are ball bearing mounted for higher load bearing capacities. In addition, a drawer stop prevents unintentional opening. Drawers that can be opened from both sides provide even more flexibility when working. A perforated side panel also provides the opportunity to attach tools to it. The entire workshop equipment can be stowed inside the trolley for transport, and be secured by means of a central locking mechanism. Functioning as mobile tool cupboards, tool trolleys are not only able to transport tools and small parts safely, but also help save time and work over the course of the day. They can be individually equipped for every imaginable use, and be added to with practical accessories. You will find a high quality tool trolley for every task at KAISER+KRAFT.

Tool trolleys

Do you know what one of the most important must-haves for your workshop is? The essential accessory for those who sort things out? The tool trolley. It is easy to move from one workplace to the next, offers all sorts of different forms and functions, and therefore the highest possible functionality for mobile work in workshops and assembly halls.
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QUIPO - Tool trolley
5 drawers with individual pull-out stops
Ex. VAT 384,00
Ex. VAT 370,50
QUIPO - JUMBO tool trolley
with 6 full-length drawers
Ex. VAT 614,00
QUIPO - Tool trolley
6 drawers with individual pull-out stops
Ex. VAT 406,00
QUIPO - JUMBO tool trolley
with vertical drawers and 6 drawers
Ex. VAT 659,00
QUIPO - Tool trolley
2 shadow boards, 2 shelves
Ex. VAT 356,00
QUIPO - Tool trolley
7 drawers with individual pull-out stops
Ex. VAT 450,00
QUIPO - Tool trolley
6 drawers with individual pull-out lock
Ex. VAT 516,00
Assembly trolley
overall max. load 200 kg
Ex. VAT 804,00
Work station
mobile, 3 storage shelves, 2 tray shelves
Ex. VAT 947,00
Work station
with double door cupboard
Ex. VAT 1.380,00
Material/work station, mobile
trolley without accessories
Ex. VAT from 522,00
Material/work station, mobile
trolley with 2 x 2 perforated panels
Ex. VAT from 837,00
Material/work station, mobile
trolley with 4 inclined shelves
Ex. VAT from 777,00
Material/work station, mobile
with perforated panel, worktop, drawer
Ex. VAT 837,00
Material/work station, mobile
with perforated panel, worktop, cupboard
Ex. VAT 1.045,00
Tool trolley
HxWxD 995 x 680 x 458 mm, 3 drawers, 1 tool compartment
Ex. VAT 439,00
Tool trolley
HxWxD 995 x 680 x 458 mm, 7 drawers
Ex. VAT 549,00
Tool trolley
HxWxD 923 x 1060 x 480 mm, 7 drawers, 1 hinged door
Ex. VAT 710,00
Tool trolley
HxWxD 1007 x 1067 x 458 mm, 11 drawers
Ex. VAT 989,00
Stainless steel tool trolley
6 drawers with individual pull-out stops
Ex. VAT 923,00
Ex. VAT 684,00
JUMBO tool trolley
7 drawers, 2 folding end panels
Ex. VAT 820,00
Ex. VAT 672,00
Ex. VAT 769,00
Tool trolley
HxW 850 x 688 mm, with 4 tool kits
Ex. VAT 989,00
Tool trolley
HxW 850 x 688 mm, empty
Ex. VAT 439,00
Tool trolleys with 137 tools
in 4 practical shadowboards
Price on request
EUROKRAFT - Tool trolley
HxLxW 1564 x 1010 x 650 mm
Ex. VAT 368,50
Stainless steel tool trolley
7 drawers with individual pull-out stops
Ex. VAT 714,00
30 items found
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