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Traffic mirror

Traffic mirrors
Traffic mirrors are used to provide a clear overview, and to keep employees and visitors safe, on company premises. In factory halls and smaller workshops, as well as in outdoor areas of the company premises, areas reserved for traffic are often difficult to view. Sometimes the line of sight is obstructed by devices, raw materials or finished products. For employees who need to move around the company spontaneously and react quickly, situations like this can result in serious risks. The situation becomes even more difficult when employees are carrying heavy loads. Drivers of forklift trucks will find their sphere of vision limited even further when the load lifting fork is directly in front of the driver's cabin. If traffic mirrors are installed in prominent positions in workshops and production halls, then the safety of the employees is given a significant boost, along with the safety of machines and production materials.

Mirrors make access control and protection against theft even easier
Traffic mirrors also facilitate access controls to the company premises. Gatekeepers are not always able to maintain an overview of the entire access and entrance areas to the company premises. A traffic mirror that has been installed to provide a view of hard-to-see spots therefore helps the gatekeeper with his work, and secures the company premises from unauthorised visitors. Special panoramic mirrors and wide angle mirrors provide a viewing angle of up to 200 degrees. These models are also suitable for surveillance of the material store or for retail outlets. You will find suitable traffic mirrors, panoramic mirrors and wide angle mirrors to increase the safety and security of your employees and your company at KAISER+KRAFT.

Traffic mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the safest of them all? The response: traffic mirrors! Many company premises have hard-to-see junctions, obscure areas and any amount of traffic. Traffic mirrors will give you a clearer view and, even where space is at a premium, a virtually unhindered line of sight to what is happening all around you.
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Ex. VAT from 996,00
Traffic mirrors made of acrylic glass
polystyrene frame, rectangular
Ex. VAT from 315,00
EUROKRAFT - Universal mirror for indoor and outdoor use
rectangular, bracket for post mounting
Ex. VAT from 211,00
EUROKRAFT - Wide angle mirror
for indoor and outdoor use, 180°
Ex. VAT from 450,00
Panoramic mirror
quarter hemisphere, 90° vision
Ex. VAT from 73,00
Panoramic mirror
half hemisphere, 180° vision
Ex. VAT from 131,80
Panoramic mirror
360° viewing angle
Ex. VAT from 210,00
EUROKRAFT - Observation mirror
made of impact resistant acrylic glass
Ex. VAT 138,40
Traffic mirror
mirror made of Sekurit safety glass, plastic frame, reflective red
Ex. VAT from 368,50
Traffic mirror
made of nickel chrome steel, rust free
Ex. VAT from 456,50
Traffic mirror made of Sekurit glass
frameless, with red/white reflective surround
Ex. VAT from 269,00
Observation mirror
frame with yellow/black warning stripes
Ex. VAT from 241,50
Ex. VAT from 142,30
Ex. VAT from 373,00
Ex. VAT from 229,00
Traffic mirror in XXL size
made of acrylic glass, WxH 1200 x 1000 mm
Ex. VAT 1.080,00
21 items found
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