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Additional accessory products
Apart from spare castors, keys or adhesive labels, there are many other accessory products to guarantee that everyday work progresses smoothly. Not only are spare parts for existing furniture and shelving units frequently required, but also products to add to existing furnishings, such as CPU holders and brackets. Drainage connections for drums are just as important for production runs as fastening accessories for existing shelving units. When conversions or extensions are being undertaken, additional accessory parts are the decisive elements for getting ahead quickly. Panels and plinths help to set furniture in the right position and help maintain a uniform appearance. These are just a few example for everyday situations in which apparently insignificant accessories can play a vital role.

A valuable stock
It's the small everyday incidentals that are often only noticed when they're not available. There are other accessory products, just like batteries or energy saving light bulbs, that frequently cause problems when an ample stock is not procured in time. Efficient work flows then come to a halt, and production has to be stopped, until missing or defective parts have been replaced. Important everyday products have been pooled and organised into the other accessory products category at KAISER+KRAFT, making stock maintenance easier and ensuring spare parts are always available in time. KAISER+KRAFT has compiled a well thought-out range of products suitable for everyday use to satisfy all eventualities in production and offices, and has competently lined up its product range accordingly. It allows every company to eliminate downtime as quickly as possible using replacements, or to stave off downtime by means of appropriate advance planning. KAISER+KRAFT will help you to remain productive.

Additional accessory products

Should your office lack something, then rest assured, we won't leave you lacking for anything: brackets, fasteners, keys, supports, inserts and many other accessory products from our product range ensure than quick replacements remain possible at any time, as well as ensuring that your operations can proceed without interruption.
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QUIPO - Add-on desktop
HxWxD 95 / 275 x 495 x 495 mm
Ex. VAT 111,50
EUROKRAFT - Steel covered worktop
extra cost, optional for workbench
Ex. VAT from 104,70
Ex. VAT 123,00
Spare parts set
for SEALKID film sealing device
Ex. VAT from 44,65
Ex. VAT 20,45
Ex. VAT 32,90
Ex. VAT 18,50
Ex. VAT 70,40
Ex. VAT 447,00
Ex. VAT from 43,55
QUIPO - Ribbed rubber cover for tool cupboard
to protect the cupboard and tools
Ex. VAT from 21,85
QUIPO - Base frame
for key cabinet
Ex. VAT 88,10
QUIPO - Tressle legs
can be adjusted to heights of 800 / 1000 mm
Ex. VAT 56,70
Anchor bolt set
for XXL crash protection bars
Ex. VAT 46,65
Ex. VAT from 64,20
Adjustable feet
pack of 4 foot plates
Ex. VAT 80,10
End element, rubber
for speed limit 15 km/h
Ex. VAT 256,00
End element, rubber
for speed limit 30 km/h
Ex. VAT 197,30
Hand rail
single sided
Ex. VAT from 115,30
Railing for platform
front, height 1100 mm
Ex. VAT from 94,10
Wheel set
pack of 4 sprung castors with wheel stops
Ex. VAT 142,20
Ex. VAT 22,50
MAUL - Magnetic clip
for holder swivel arm
Ex. VAT 31,55
Horizontal adjustment device
for aluminium mobile gantry crane
Ex. VAT 679,00
Wheel set for aluminium steps
pack of 4 sprung castors
Ex. VAT 188,90
Drainage hose
includes fastening material
Ex. VAT from 43,95
Ex. VAT 35,10
Safety stop cock
nylon, adjustable dispensing position
Ex. VAT 68,00
Ex. VAT 168,50
JUSTRITE - Drum funnel made of PE
for corrosive, non-flammable liquids
Ex. VAT 63,00
Wall bracket
zinc plated
Ex. VAT 29,70
Ramp for low profile steel sump tray
depth 500 mm, max. wheel load 500 kg
Ex. VAT from 208,50
Splash protection wall
for sump tray LxW 800 x 800 mm
Ex. VAT 159,60
Splash protection wall
for sump tray LxW 1200 x 800 mm
Ex. VAT 172,60
Splash protection wall
for sump tray LxW 1200 x 1200 mm
Ex. VAT 199,70
Splash protection wall
for sump tray LxW 2400 x 800 mm
Ex. VAT 258,50
Splash protection wall
for sump tray LxW 1460 x 1460 mm
Ex. VAT 220,00
Splash protection wall
for sump tray LxW 2650 x 1300 / 1460 mm
Ex. VAT 264,00
Ex. VAT 119,00
Ex. VAT from 48,95
Ex. VAT from 58,50
Hand rail
Ex. VAT from 59,30
1,038 items found
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