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Cleanroom tables for professional purposes
Cleanroom tables represent a significant part of the cleanroom equipment on offer in our webshop. They need to do justice to the high expectations of quality placed on them, and be able to withstand heavy loads at all times. Cleanroom tables made of stainless steel offer the advantage of having a high load bearing capacity. Depending on the area of use, they come with a polished or an electropolished surface. If additional air circulation is required, then a perforated tabletop might be worth considering. Heavy particles in contaminated air can then fall the floor, where they can be easily vacuumed up. Cleanroom tables with adjustable feet ensure that the table is always optimally aligned and that nothing can roll off. Above all, laboratories require tables that are perfectly level to prevent accidents and injuries caused by hazardous chemicals.

Finding the right use for cleanroom tables
In order to be able to set up measuring instruments and analysis scales correctly, an even surface is required. Cleanroom tables are equipped with an unperforated tabletop for this purpose. Depending on requirements, these tables come in different lengths, depths and heights. This ensures a cleanroom table can be chosen that fits into the available space perfectly. KAISER+KRAFT offers cleanroom tables in different sizes and models. Cleanroom tables are also suitable for use as a sink unit, whereby installing a tap for the sink unit, along with a drain, is necessary. Cleanroom tables are also available for offices and workshops, for which they must also be equipped with the corresponding accessories. This ensures wall mounted cupboards, roll containers, add-ons for monitors, or workbenches can also be integrated into these cleanroom tables. To ensure the option of flexible use, different sizes and extensions are available. If necessary, there is also the option of adapting the table divisions and configurations in accordance with customer specific requirements.

Cleanroom tables

We can be cleaner than just clean, we have a whole cleanroom for you! Set up your laboratories or cleanroom workplaces hygienically and professionally. Matching cleanroom tables can be found here with different models to choose from.
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Mobile laboratory table
with shelf, max. load 200 kg
Ex. VAT from 581,00
Laboratory table with H-foot frame
sitting working height 750 mm
Ex. VAT from 390,50
Laboratory table with H-foot frame
standing working height 900 mm
Ex. VAT from 379,50
Laboratory table with C-foot frame
sitting working height 750 mm
Ex. VAT from 467,50
Laboratory table with C-foot frame
standing working height 900 mm
Ex. VAT from 483,00
Cleanroom table with polypropylene top
stainless steel frame, height 900 mm
Ex. VAT from 614,00
Cleanroom washing table
two doors, double panelled
Ex. VAT from 2.515,00
Cleanroom table
made of stainless steel
Ex. VAT from 685,00
9 items found
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