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Cleaning cloths
How can you clean without cleaning cloths? Special requirements apply for cleaning and sanitary requirements in a company, because hygiene and cleanliness are a key requirement for a company. KAISER+KRAFT offers you cleaning cloths, cleaning paper and cleaning systems in its online shop. Cleaning paper dispensers that can hold paper rolls with a width of more than 400 mm are a convenient solution that can be affixed to a wall. Mobile floor stands can be placed in the workshop and can be moved around the room as needed. A glass-fibre reinforced tearing edge makes removing cleaning paper in the required size much quicker and easier. The system is, by principle, every bit as suitable for sanitary areas, and is available in different versions and models. Choose form different paper qualities at KAISER+KRAFT and find one that optimally suits the intended use. Cleaning paper rolls in TAD quality also exhibit a high level of tear resistance even when wet, and are especially suitable for greases and oils. The individual rolls can be ordered with pre-perforated sheets. Paper rolls in fleece quality can, if necessary, be used several times. They are suitable even for surfaces, fabrics and materials sensitive to dirt. A cover installed above the paper rolls also protects the paper itself from dust and dirt.

Cleaning cloths for industrial use
The different cleaning cloths offered by KAISER+KRAFT are also available in bulk quantities. They are therefore optimally suited for use in large production plants and workshops. Order your cleaning cloths in the KAISER+KRAFT online shop to receive them in exacting industrial quality in what have proven to be advantageous delivery conditions.

Cleaning cloths

Liquids, greases and oils – gone! Stains, splotches, smears – banished! As you know, with just a wipe... and a mouse click, you'll be admiring our cleaning cloths. Highly versatile, they remove all sorts of things and wipe everything clean again.
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