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Sweeping machines
Cleaning equipment such as sweeping machines and high pressure cleaners ensure professional cleaning can be carried out in all areas of company, while also saving time. Flexible and ergonomic sweeping machines sweep thoroughly and effectively without leaving residue, and require little force to use. This makes them suitable for all areas in which frequently recurring cleaning processes are required. Large courtyards and long warehouse aisles can be cleaned in next to no time using their easy sweeping action. When it comes to size and equipment, sweeping machines can be selected according to their intended place of use. All models have at least one, and often two, side brushes made of hardwearing nylon which make sweeping edges much easier and also ensure these areas are spotlessly clean. Furthermore, there are different sweeping widths available to allow both narrow hallways and more extensive areas to be cleaned quickly and properly. The technical equipment that comes with the models varies according to the cleaning devices. Larger, high performance machines function as so-called vacuum sweepers and feature a tandem roller system. They clean all floor coverings reliably and feature an electric drive so they move forwards automatically. Smaller models such as push along sweepers are operated either in manual mode only, or feature a motorised brush roller drive and electrical dust vacuuming. All models are suitable for removing wet and dry dirt, dust, sand or chips, regardless of their equipment features. The large sweeping machines can also clean up large pieces of rubbish, such as drink cans without problems.

Professional cleaning for indoor and outdoor areas
One of the major advantages of sweeping machines is their suitability for use both outdoors and indoors. The devices are flexible, easy to manoeuvre and make little noise during operation. For outdoor areas, there are also sweeping machines with petrol motors, and even ride-on machines available. Sweeping machines make for an efficient and employee friendly alternative to brooms and dustpans for every company. At the end of a long day at work, keeping the workplace clean should still be given priority. When a sweeping machine is used, all the dirt and dropped items are quickly collected and disposed of – without bending, sweeping and wiping. Use the high performance machines from KAISER+KRAFT to keep your company perfectly clean.

Sweeping machines

Sweeping machines. Or the evolution of the broom. Where muscle power used to be decisive, ease of use is now the name of the game: Ergonomic sweeping machines are thorough, efficient and easy to move.
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Sweeping machine
with 1 side brush, motorised
Ex. VAT 1.120,00
EUROKRAFT - Sweeping machine
with 2 side brushes, manual
Ex. VAT 338,50
Ex. VAT 702,00
Sweeping machine
with single roller system, motorised
Ex. VAT 1.830,00
Sweeping machine
with a tandem roller system, manual
Ex. VAT 696,00
Ex. VAT 756,00
Sweeping machine
with single roller dustpan, manual
Ex. VAT 633,00
Sweeping machine
with tandem roller system, motorised
Ex. VAT 1.865,00
Sweeping machine
with 1 side brush, manual
Ex. VAT 137,50
Ex. VAT 552,00
10 items found
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