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Cleaning Solutions, Sanitation

There's an African saying that goes: You can clean everything except a dirty mouth. Whatever you think of that – our product range has a solution for even the biggest and most stubborn cleaning and sanitation requirements. You're certain to find exactly the right material for more cleanliness and tidiness.
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Air purifiers, air cleaners
Fresh air: it's what you enjoy so much in the mountains, on meadows and in ...
Brooms, brushes
Crumbs all over the floor? A glass fell and shattered? Or an entrance that looks ...
Cleaning accessories
Let's declare war on dust and dirt! And don't worry if your cleaning accessories ...
Cleaning brushes
We have cleaning brushes available that are made of high-quality materials, with ...
Cleaning cloths
Liquids, greases and oils – gone! Stains, splotches, smears – banished! As you ...
Cleaning trolleys
Buckets, cleaning agents, cleaning cloths, brooms, mops and much more... anyone ...
Dustpans, shovels
Every company needs to have them: dustpans and shovels help you to sweep up ...
Industrial cleaning fluids
Heavy dirt, sensitive surfaces or special hygiene requirements? We offer you ...
Mops, mop holders
The mop is a key utensil when it comes to hygiene and the cleanliness of the ...
Pressure washers
Putting the pressure on dirt! High pressure cleaners will even find the smallest ...
Push along sweepers, sweeping machines
Push along sweepers. Or the evolution of the broom. Where muscle power used to ...
Shoe shine machines
When you use a shoe shining machine or shoe scraper, you'll keep your business ...
Small parts cleaners
Small parts cleaners are essential for degreasing and cleaning machine parts. In ...
Vacuum cleaners, wet vacuum cleaners
Our vacuum cleaners don't just suck up the dust. We also offer wet and dry ...
Washroom Equipment
Rest easy in the washroom: the industrious company elves provide paper, soap and ...
Window cleaning
Bleak prospects at work? Let some light in! You'll find products for window ...

Cleaning and sanitation solutions

If only everything in life were as ubiquitous as dust and dirt. After all, the interplay between people, the environment and work make the production of unsightly particles that are constantly settling on surfaces and floors unavoidable. At the end of the day, everyone can swing a broom with skill or use cloths from the range of microfibre cleaning products.

By the time you are handling hazardous substances or working in health care at the latest, you'll need to rethink your definition of squeaky clean. Our product range is sure to help you with this task. And what's more, why go to all the effort of sweeping with a broom when the latest technology can provide such convenient help when cleaning? What this refers to is, for example, revealed in the Kärcher brand shop.

Everything you need for cleaning and sanitation

Whether we're talking about high pressure cleaning or Starmix vacuum cleaners: whatever a professional cleaner is looking for, we'll have it! A EUROKRAFT vacuum cleaner is always a good choice to make working with a real deep cleaning effect and a good amount of motor power much easier.

However, not everyone is a master cleaner by nature. And the basics of high pressure cleaning are not necessarily something you'd call general knowledge. To ensure you can find the right dustbuster for the amount of dirt that accumulates on your premises, we have compiled an extensive compendium of professional knowledge for you:

Our information on selecting a vacuum cleaner and dust classes starts by clarifying what you're up against in the first place in the battle against dust and dirt. And once you know why dust isn't ever simply dust, then you'll also find the right product for your requirements in the Workshop product range.

You can delve even further into this topic with the principles of sweeping and the tandem roller principle. New brooms sweep well? Motorised ones sweep better. Of course, we also focus on topics of ecology and modern techniques in the cleaning sector. We present a particularly clever solution for stubborn residue for you in the additional information on cold cleaners.

All this knowledge allows KAISER+KRAFT to get you fit for all cleaning work – and can, of course, supply the full product range for cleaning and sanitation requirements at the same time. Do you want to know more about a particular topic? Then call us and ask us your questions in person.

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