Unger Window cleaning

Unger window cleaning – an easy job when you have professionals to help you!

For a professional window cleaner, the most important thing is to ensure an unobstructed view as quickly as possible. This is where Unger products for window cleaning come into play. The wipers, window T bars, and storage accessories, provide streak-free results with just a few swipes. We have tried and tested the standard Unger products in our product range, along with the innovative fibres that Unger developed for a maximum water absorption capacity and excellent cleaning outcomes.

Despite all these innovative ideas, Unger has stayed true to one and the same motto for more than 50 years: professionals don’t want complications, they want results. And want them in a smart way. When Unger talks about “smart cleaning”, the company means it. The family business from Solingen develops efficient and effective products that provide cleaning and sanitary supplies which do the job on a daily basis with a straightforward precision. The products not only aim to provide excellent cleaning outcomes, but also reliable ergonomics – and this at a reasonable price that always pays off.