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Steps for indoors and outdoors
Steps ensure that your employees scale new heights quickly, and can work effectively when performing assembly work or working in the storage area. Stairs are usually comprised of three steps, and are used for ascents and descents. You can often purchase these products with combinations of landings and stair brackets. The stairs have a railing as a safeguard and a handrail to hold onto. For outdoor steps that are exposed to the weather, the weather resistance of the materials is important. Furthermore, using angled step edges ensures that rainwater can drain quickly and no puddles or patches of ice form. The stairs, and above all, their steps need to be anti-slip. When it comes to products like this, safety must be stepped up, in the full sense of the word. As a company, you are responsible for the safety of your employees when using equipment. The stairs, ladders and steps in our online shop are subject to the strictest quality control processes and safety tests. Widely applicable safety regulations are all satisfied by these products.

Different versions of steps
The steps found in the ladders and scaffolds category can be used without problems both indoors and outdoors. They provide optimum freedom of movement, stability and safety for the user. The product range includes industrial steps made of aluminium or steel which are available with different step widths. They feature reinforced aluminium or steel steps that are connected to rectangular eyes. The rungs are made of extruded aluminium profiles. There is an anti-slip plastic end cap at the upper end. A railing that can be installed on both sides is also included with the delivery, with a second provided as an accessory. The industrial steps can be delivered in accordance with individual requirements, and intermediate sizes and customised designs are available upon request. The angle of inclination totals 45°. Crossover platforms with different platform sizes are also found in our product range. They are designed as crossovers for conveyor belts, machines or pits. They are optimal for frequent use and tolerate high loads. An integrated screw channel also ensures they can be individually adapted. Ladder bridging is also included in our product range.

Industrial stairways

Industrial stairs are real all rounders: they provide a comfortable ascent while also ensuring safe access to doors, flat roofs, machines and other places you need to reach. And wherever tools are being used, industrial stairs provide sufficient stepping and standing space. Intermediate sizes and custom designs are available on request – simply contact us!
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Crossover platform
overall max. load 300 kg
Ex. VAT from 1.680,00
Industrial stairway
perforated sheet steel steps, step width 600 mm
Ex. VAT from 675,00
Industrial stairway
perforated sheet steel steps, step width 800 mm
Ex. VAT from 736,00
Industrial stairway
aluminium steps, step width 600 mm
Ex. VAT from 637,00
Industrial stairway
aluminium steps, step width 800 mm
Ex. VAT from 688,00
5 items found
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