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Protective grids for optimal room division
Protective grids, prefab rooms and partition walls offer optimal room division in companies that need to satisfy complex security requirements. Here in the webshop, you will find room systems that make company configurations like this possible at an attractive price-performance ratio. KAISER+KRAFT has been providing company solutions made by selected manufacturers and suppliers for years now, with their products satisfying the highest expectations that companies can have. It only takes a brief look to identify the versatile flexibility of these room systems. Transportable mesh partitions, such as a mesh partition, represent a practicable solution for particularly straightforward protection of persons and equipment. Permanently installed partitions and machine protective fencing either at the same height as employees, or installed up to the ceiling, are also available to choose from. Equipped with special safety glass, the partition systems won't obscure the view, which also benefits the amount of light available inside the room. Complete prefab rooms also offer reliable protection from dust for sensitive technical devices and machines.

Protective grids are quick to install – and easy to disassemble
Compared to more comprehensive room systems with an enclosed design, mobile protective grids are well suited for any intermediate storage that may be required, because they are quick to assemble and disassemble. The individual grids are brought out when required, and can disappear again afterwards. That leaves space for all work in the interim which does not require any particular protection. These partition systems allow you to react optimally when the machine pool changes or workplaces need to be reconfigured. The protective grids are kept in stock in powder coated steel, in zinc plated versions and other variations. Order your high quality room systems now, online, with a minimum 3 year guarantee, and profit from the well sorted selection of accessories and other extension elements.

Protective fencing

A safety fence or mesh cage around running machines and plants is essential to keep persons and equipment safe. Whether flexible mesh partitions or permanently installed machine protective fencing – you're guaranteed to find the right model here.
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Axelent CONTOUR 90° corner element
for X-GUARD CLASSIC machine protective fencing
Ex. VAT from 383,50
Axelent Upright
for X-GUARD LITE machine protective fencing
Ex. VAT from 73,80
Ex. VAT from 115,40
Axelent Add-on door kit
for sliding door
Ex. VAT from 346,00
Axelent Upright
for X-STORE partition system
Ex. VAT from 30,25
Ex. VAT from 74,30
14 items found
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