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Design of fans

Fans – defy the heat
Summer, sun, fans – when the hot time of year comes around, the practical room ventilators are worth their weight in gold. Apart from the fact that an employee or two will always come down with a summer cold because the air conditioner has been set to the wrong mode, not every office or company has one anyway. You'll find high quality fans in our online product range for appropriate use in any commercial situation. Almost every model is available. Ceiling fans, optimal for use in large rooms, a rotating pedestal fan, the pedestal fan that can be placed below the desk, and a desk fan for personal use – these are the fans most often found in offices. Quiet ceiling fans and portable floor fans are suitable for large rooms like warehouses, open plan offices and training areas. And for industrial workshops and hazardous goods workstations, there are radial fans and drum fans. Regardless of whether the machinery needs cooling or the employees need to keep a cool head, fans make working easier and are an energy efficient alternative to air conditioners.

Fans at the company
Although two-thirds of the power consumed by German industry can be attributed to drives for electric motors, and ultimately the greatest potential savings can be found here, fans still account for around one in every seven kilowatt hours of power consumed by industry in Germany. Searching for opportunities to save money at a company therefore does not have to be limited to production systems or the workshop. Fans and air conditioning technology are one of the areas in which simple measures allow power consumption to be reduced. The most efficient option for saving can be found in a handful of measures that are only partly comprised of technical conversion or equipment upgrade measures: using a heat pump for heat recovery, regulating fans according to requirements, using indirect evaporation cooling, installing passive cooling systems (night ventilation), exploiting the principle of trigeneration. Fans are considered portable electrical equipment under the occupational safety regulations. They are subject to regular inspections for hazards in order to eliminate any danger at work that the ventilation units might cause. The topic of occupational safety and fans is also based on noise control, because the exposure to noise due to a table or floor fan can be considerable. This is why you should place your trust in a technically optimised, low-noise device right from the start. A quiet fan often goes unnoticed; everything else is only a hindrance to concentration at work.


It's hot, it's summer, it's 35 °C. The air in the office is stagnant. The air conditioner in your shop has given up the fight. The machines in your workshop are belching hot air. You need fans: from a light breeze to a breath of fresh air, relief is on its way.
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Ex. VAT from 174,90
Ex. VAT from 87,90
Desk fan
HxWxD 470 x 355 x 270 mm
Ex. VAT from 37,40
Floor fan with carrying handle
chrome plated steel, 3-speed
Ex. VAT from 108,90
Pedestal fan with plastic housing
white, 3 speed settings
Ex. VAT from 50,60
Ex. VAT from 60,50
Ex. VAT 279,50
Ceiling fan with wooden blades
rotor blade Ø 1320 mm
Ex. VAT 301,50
Industrial fan
IPX4 pedestal model
Ex. VAT 285,00
Ceiling fan with metal blades
rotor blade Ø 1220 mm
Ex. VAT 72,80
Ceiling fan with metal blades
rotor blade Ø 1420 mm
Ex. VAT 88,40
Ex. VAT from 93,50
Floor fan
chrome plated, all metal, 3 level speed control
Ex. VAT from 105,00
Industrial fan
pedestal model
Ex. VAT 381,00
Ex. VAT from 109,90
Pedestal fan, height adjustable
rotor blade Ø 400 mm
Ex. VAT from 119,90
16 items found
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