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Floor protection mats for every type of floor
Floor protection mats not only allow you to protect your floors, but also make moving around in an office swivel chair much easier. Foot mats and foot supports make a small, but comfortable, contribution to everyday work. Floors often need to be protected from the castors fitted to office chairs, which is why floor protection mats are also referred to as office chair mats. If you put a mat under an office chair, they are responsible for protecting the floor as best possible. Decisive for the choice is knowing which type of floor needs to be protected. Is it hard flooring, such as parquet and laminated floors, or does a soft carpeted floor need a protective layer? Even carpets are subject to signs of wear due to normal everyday use. Floor protection mats with a non-slip coating underneath to prevent slipping when used normally are highly recommended. Special anchor studs can provide an optimum grip on carpeted floors.

Environmentally friendly floor protection and health protection
Not only do floor protection mats need to be adapted to the type of flooring; there are a number of other questions to answer when purchasing an office chair mat. Is there floor heating? Does the mat need to be suitable for people with allergies? Heatable foot mats in particular not only provide protection, but also make a decisive contribution to comfort during everyday work at your desk. Important for the quality of floor protection mats are the following criteria: how impact and wear resistant is the mat? Is the office chair still easy to move? Does the mat retain its shape? How transparent should it be? Colourful floor protection mats can lend a room a lively and friendly new appearance. The materials most often used for floor protection are polypropylene and polycarbonate. Floor protection mats made of polypropylene are durable, robust, environmentally friendly and they dampen the sound of footsteps as well. One particularly suitable material for floor protection mats is natural rubber, which remains odour neutral, antistatic and emission free. Floor protection mats from KAISER+KRAFT are produced from environmentally friendly materials. Modern office equipment also includes objects that usually remain unnoticed, as they are literally lying on the floor, although they make an important contribution to maintaining health at work. A foot rest with a movable foot plate is particularly well suited to making work more ergonomic, not only for smaller persons. At the same time, movable foot rests also stimulate the metabolism. The products offered by KAISER+KRAFT therefore make health conscious work must easier to realise.

Floor protection matting

We have floor protection mats for both carpeted floors and for hard floors. These environmentally friendly, recyclable solutions make a decisive contribution to keeping your floor coverings presentable: you won't be frustrated by dirt, scratches and signs of wear all over the floor.
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Ex. VAT from 67,20
Rollsafe - Floor protection mat
for short pile, circular
Ex. VAT 130,20
Rollsafe - Floor protection mat
for medium pile, circular
Ex. VAT 179,70
Ex. VAT from 61,70
Rollsafe - Floor protection mat
for hard and smooth floor coverings, circular
Ex. VAT 122,90
Ex. VAT from 55,70
Ex. VAT from 62,40
Roll-o-Grip - Floor protection mat made of polycarbonate
with adhesive layer for hard and smooth floor coverings
Ex. VAT from 77,60
Roll-o-Grip - Floor protection mat made of polycarbonate
with anchor studs for rugs and carpets
Ex. VAT from 86,70
Ex. VAT from 130,10
Ex. VAT from 143,60
Rollsafe - Floor protection mat
for hard and smooth floor coverings
Ex. VAT from 124,10
Ex. VAT from 192,00
19 items found
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