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KAISER+KRAFT conference tables feature a clear design to keep the thoughts flowing. After all, this is where the important decisions are made, numbers are crunched and careers take off. Uncluttered minds know what they have to do: buy one!

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Conference tables – welcome to the office's control centre!

Whether you produce lead pencils or are inventing trailblazing electronics: The most important decisions affecting your company are made at the conference table. You'll find that KAISER+KRAFT has the best equipment for your company control centre, and will ensure that you and your employees can work optimally, communicate and make good decisions at any time.

How do I find the most suitable conference tables?

Teamwork has become firmly established in all industries and business sectors, and has therefore changed the significance of the conference room. Employees no longer gather here for official meetings only, and instead work together to develop new strategies in workshops or to discussion business tactics.

To do so, space at the conference table is needed first of all, and secondly space for presentation and moderation. This is why you should try and strike a perfect balance when it comes to the size of the tabletop of the conference table:

Factor in enough seats with sufficient elbow room for each participant, but also make sure to leave enough free space in the room to allow presentations and videos to be viewed with ease – from each and every chair. If you could do with a little help with making your decision, we've got a few tips on How to show your presentation, as well as our Presentation advice page ready for you.

The fact that conference room furniture always has a representative function seems obvious. However, this representativeness should, above all, be realised by means of a well-thought-out design and high quality materials. Over-dimensioned tables that are never fully occupied even in important meetings send the wrong signal and might seem overconfident or make the impression that attendance is poor.

When it comes to selecting the number of seats you require, don't base your calculations on the number of participants you assume will be coming, but rather the actual number of participants in the most important meeting to be held regularly. And leave a little leeway.

Conference tables from KAISER+KRAFT: Your one-stop shop

You'll find that KAISER+KRAFT stocks high quality conference tables from office akktiv and other selected manufacturers. Of course, we can also offer you a large range of visually and functionally matching stacking and conference chairs. As always, if you're not able to make a decision straight away, or have any additional questions concerning our product range, please ask us at any time.

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