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Spacious and flexible: mauser desks help create a productive working environment – after all, they offer plenty of space for the utensils you need for work. What's more, they can also be individually modified to suit the needs of your employees. From free standing desks to models with linking tops: kaiserkraft stocks desks from mauser in any number of different designs.

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    mauser desks – flexible and spacious

    Would you like a spacious and, above all, flexible office table to work at? Then the mauser desks are exactly the right product for you! The work tables can be individually adapted to cater to your requirements, making them suitable for the job you're doing. Among other things, mauser office tables provide the option of adding an extension table which creates additional space when it is needed. Furthermore, you can set the height that is ideal for you. This produces innumerable different desk combinations from which you can choose the work table that suits you best. The robust material used for the table top is the icing on the cake of your high quality office table.

    mauser desks are, just like all the other products made by the long-established mauser company, made true to the motto of “furniture that thinks”. The company has been developing intelligent furniture for generations, which always caters to the needs of the customer. mauser desks are designed to promote dynamic work that is good for the spine, the musculoskeletal system and the entire cardiovascular system.