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Filing cupboards – office cupboards for files and more
Filing cupboards are practical and sensible fixtures for office and business premises. The provide sufficient storage space for all work utensils required for everyday office duties. File folders and materials can be stored with a clear structure in the filing cupboard. The online product range extends from straightforward universal cupboards to filing cupboards made of wood. High quality office furniture results in appealing office furnishings that make an organised impression and that can help make the working environment more motivating. You'll find high quality cupboards for stylish office equipment here in the webshop. And you can choose between wooden furniture, steel cupboards and fire resistant materials. A fireproof filing cabinet can save the most important documents from the flames in the event of a fire. An interesting solution when furnishing an office is cupboards that include integrated shelving unit combinations. They not only visually loosen up your interior design, but also allow variable use of wall cupboards. The various furniture series include filing cabinets, roller shutter cupboards and sideboards in all sizes, that are also recommended as later additions to the office space. The varied designs make an optimal adaptation to different styles of furnishings possible.

Office cupboards that can be locked
Wherever security-relevant data, files and documents need to be stored, lockable cupboards will help to guarantee the required security provisions. A locking system can be very helpful when cupboards need to be secured after already being bought. Fireproof systems, as can be made using steel constructions, are perfect for maintaining data protection. Height adjustable shelves also ensure that A4 folders have as much space as all other formats. This allows the storage space available to be optimally exploited and valuable office space remains free for other uses. As a provider of quality products and with years of experience, KAISER+KRAFT knows exactly what companies place value on when equipping the offices. Hardwearing office cupboards that can withstand all sorts of wear and tear therefore have utmost priority. Find the optimum office furnishings for your company in the online shop. If you wish to purchase furniture online and still have questions, the service team at KAISER+KRAFT will be happy to hear from you.

Office cupboards

A pile here, another one over there. A batch of files to the left, a stack of documents to the right... anyone looking for important information in this chaos knows: it can take time. But don't worry: our filing cupboards have re-interpreted office organisation. Invoices, contracts, statements – everything will find a place. And you will retain an overview!
170 items found
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QUIPO - Universal cupboard
HxWxD 1950 x 915 x 421 mm
Ex. VAT from 197,00
office akktiv - Base cupboard
HxWxD 942 x 913 x 420 mm
Ex. VAT 286,50
Ex. VAT from 175,00
Ex. VAT from 208,00
THEA Double door cupboard
2 shelves, 3 file heights
Ex. VAT 405,00
THEA Double door cupboard
4 shelves, 5 file heights
Ex. VAT 559,00
THEA Sliding door cupboard
1 shelf, 2 file heights
Ex. VAT 372,00
THEA Sliding door cupboard
2 shelves, 3 file heights
Ex. VAT 454,50
Ex. VAT 399,00
Ex. VAT 587,00
TINO Add-on cupboard
2 file heights, hinged doors
Ex. VAT 349,50
CP - Steel cupboard with fire protection
2 adjustable shelves, width 1200 mm
Ex. VAT 1.305,00
CP - Steel cupboard with fire protection
3 adjustable shelves, 1 lockable compartment, width 1200 mm
Ex. VAT 1.735,00
PETRA Filing cupboard
HxWxD 1851 x 800 x 362 mm
Ex. VAT 384,50
Ex. VAT from 417,00
Ex. VAT 445,50
mauser - Sliding door cupboard
with glass front, 4 shelves
Ex. VAT from 658,00
mauser - Sliding door cupboard
with glass front, 8 shelves, centre partition
Ex. VAT from 936,00
VERA Sliding door cupboard
1 shelf, 2 file heights, height 735 mm
Ex. VAT 292,50
VERA Sliding door cupboard
2 shelves, 3 file heights, height 1090 mm
Ex. VAT 342,00
Double door cupboard
with solid panel doors, 2 shelves
Ex. VAT 470,50
Double door cupboard
with solid panel doors, 4 shelves
Ex. VAT 611,00
Double door cupboard
with vision panel doors, 2 shelves
Ex. VAT 597,00
Double door cupboard
with vision panel doors, 4 shelves
Ex. VAT 803,00
Cloakroom locker
1 centre partition, 4 shelves
Ex. VAT 713,00
Double door cupboard
with solid panel door, 2 shelves
Ex. VAT 308,50
Ex. VAT 619,00
Ex. VAT 317,00
Ex. VAT 444,00
office akktiv - RENATUS Office cupboard/shelf unit
5 shelves, 6 file heights (3 of which are open)
Ex. VAT 417,50
Ex. VAT 288,00
office akktiv - Sliding door cupboard
height 1100 mm, 2 shelves
Ex. VAT 347,00
Ex. VAT 627,00
Ex. VAT 735,00
Ex. VAT 381,00
CONTACT Filing cupboard
2 shelves, with castors
Ex. VAT 437,50
Double door base cupboard
made of stainless steel
Ex. VAT 646,00
Double door base cupboard
for stainless steel workstation
Ex. VAT 855,00
Ex. VAT 458,50
office akktiv - RENATUS Shelf unit
1 open compartment, 4 drawers
Ex. VAT 308,00
Ex. VAT 395,50
Ex. VAT 327,50
office akktiv - ANNY Wardrobe
2 shelves, 1 clothes rail
Ex. VAT 489,50
Ex. VAT 375,00
Ex. VAT 437,50
FINO Sideboard
1 shelf each, 1 partition
Ex. VAT 373,50
THEA Double door cupboard
1 shelf, 2 file heights
Ex. VAT 371,50
THEA Combination cupboard
2 shelves, 2 doors
Ex. VAT 383,00
170 items found
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