mauser Office storage

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mauser filing cupboards – versatile storage space

There are a multitude of folders and files that need to be stored at every company. The mauser filing cupboards are a great way to master this challenge. The different versions of the office cupboards ensure that your office can be furnished just the way you'd like. Regardless of whether you would prefer a glass door cupboard or a shelf unit, the mauser filing cupboards are highly versatile. Storing files, and securing these files, is easily taken care of in mauser office cupboards. You can also easily extend the mauser filing cupboards by purchasing an add-on cupboard. This creates additional storage space that won't occupy any extra office space.

mauser has years of experience in manufacturing furniture from steel, something the company started doing in 1929. The furniture is timeless and takes ergonomics and acoustics into account. Regardless of how large your company is, mauser will have furniture suitable for you.