Drawer accessories

And if you're going to pigeonhole things, then at least be systematic about it: our drawer accessories will quickly introduce order and organisation to the contents of your drawers. And they provide practical equipment and additional fittings for the furniture in your workshop, warehouse or office.

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Drawer accessories
Drawer accessories are usually employed to help organise the contents of drawers. Cupboards and drawers are part of the standard furnishings in every company and are used to store material, tools and folders in a space-saving and well-sorted manner. A highly practical accessory for drawer cupboards are drawer inserts that provide systematic organisation within the drawer. A structured drawer division system gives you a better overview and saves a lot of time, as you won't need to search through the chaos of bits and pieces. Our drawer accessories will have the right products for your company. Along with drawer inserts, there are many different types of small parts boxes with individual compartment dimensions that vary widely. Many sets can be combined individually and therefore provide the right size for all different contents. The range of drawer accessories has the great advantage of having varied inserts to fit different drawer heights and widths optimally, and therefore allow the full drawer space to be utilised.

Individual accessories for your drawers
Our online shop features a large selection of drawer accessories within the product segment. Small parts boxes, modular bins, insert trays and drawer division sets made of different materials, variable inserts – all available to choose for different drawer heights – ensure there is an almost inexhaustible range of products to choose from. These individual equipment options are exactly the right thing for laboratories, workshops and mail order facilities in particular. The most frequently used materials are different kinds of easy-care plastics. A number of them are extremely robust and impact resistant. Another highly stable solution is zinc plated partitions that can be used for dividing up storage space. Utensil inserts with 9 compartments for pens, markers, paper clips and similar desktop materials used for everyday work can optimally supplement drawer cupboards.