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Traffic mirror

Traffic mirrors – safety, control and observation
When you install a traffic mirror at the right spot, then not only will you be increasing safety on the company premises, but you'll also be providing an overview of events. Blind spots near exits won't represent an uncontrollable source of danger for in-house transport when a traffic mirror allows all traffic emerging from roads to be seen. Accidents and unwanted additional costs can be avoided just by installing a simple universal mirror and adding suitable barriers and markings. In outdoor areas, garage doors and entrances to factory halls can be secured, just like slip roads and bicycle paths. KAISER+KRAFT has traffic mirrors on offer in different sizes and with a flexible angle of inclination. From wide angle mirrors to production mirrors and even panoramic mirrors, you'll find the right product among those on offer. To ensure they are mounted optimally, traffic mirrors are also available with red-white warning markings on the frame. Mirrors designed for outdoor use are fitted with a surface that does not ice up or mist over, and that has been tested for wind load. This ensures safety precautions also function in poor weather. Mirrors for outdoor use are not only necessary for drivers of vehicles, with corresponding panoramic mirrors also being useful for maintaining an overview of employee areas or sales areas. Mirrors used for the observation of visitor rooms and passages to underground car parks or underpasses also ensure a considerable improvement to conditions. Panoramic mirrors are available with a range from 180 to 360 degrees. Universal mirrors and magnifying mirrors are also suitable for quality assurance processes and checking production processes. Objects can be appraised more exactly when using the magnifier function, and more details can be examined.

Traffic mirrors with different installation techniques
The individual mirrors can also be bolted in place or are available as magnetic mirrors. The mounting options are highly flexible and suitable for all different types of installation situations, regardless of what they might be. The different types of glass also allow the required adaptation to the respective environment to be realised by the choice of acrylic glass or other versions. Blind spots and both large and small, as well as confined, spaces can be made more visible by correct installation of observation mirrors. KAISER+KRAFT knows all the different requirements that a company may have and provides suitable solutions for all of them.

Traffic mirrors

Mirror, mirror, on the wall... we're not actually asking who the fairest of them all is, but rather, which one is the right one. Because once placed in the right spot, our traffic mirrors ensure a better overview and increased safety. Whether on the company premises or in the factory hall, on traffic routes, entrances or tunnels.
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Ex. VAT from 996,00
Traffic mirrors made of acrylic glass
polystyrene frame, rectangular
Ex. VAT from 315,00
EUROKRAFT - Universal mirror for indoor and outdoor use
rectangular, bracket for post mounting
Ex. VAT from 211,00
EUROKRAFT - Wide angle mirror
for indoor and outdoor use, 180°
Ex. VAT from 450,00
Panoramic mirror
quarter hemisphere, 90° vision
Ex. VAT from 73,00
Panoramic mirror
half hemisphere, 180° vision
Ex. VAT from 131,80
Panoramic mirror
360° viewing angle
Ex. VAT from 210,00
EUROKRAFT - Observation mirror
made of impact resistant acrylic glass
Ex. VAT 138,40
Traffic mirror
mirror made of Sekurit safety glass, plastic frame, reflective red
Ex. VAT from 368,50
Traffic mirror
made of nickel chrome steel, rust free
Ex. VAT from 456,50
Traffic mirror made of Sekurit glass
frameless, with red/white reflective surround
Ex. VAT from 269,00
Observation mirror
frame with yellow/black warning stripes
Ex. VAT from 241,50
Ex. VAT from 142,30
Ex. VAT from 373,00
Ex. VAT from 229,00
Traffic mirror in XXL size
made of acrylic glass, WxH 1200 x 1000 mm
Ex. VAT 1.080,00
21 items found
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