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Make it official with document pouches.
Freight papers, weighing slips, health certificates, customs information, certificates of inspection... all these need to be applied to the outside of the packaging. For this reason alone, self-adhesive document pouches should be a basic item in every professional mail order company. They protect important documents from moisture and sharp objects. Those who value sustainability will order document pouches made of recyclable film, and those who work efficiently can order them from us in practical packaging units. By the way: we also have non-transparent dispatch bags for you in this category – they are great for sending books, small parts or large-format letters.

Dispatch bags, document pockets

What's in this package, how heavy is it, which country has it come from, is it healthy, insured, hazardous? To find out, you don't have to take a look in the package, but can simply study the accompanying documents instead – they are affixed to the outside. Of course, you can also send information like this bundled into a paper envelope as well. We sell those too.
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Document pouch
made of PE, pack of 250
Ex. VAT from 19,30
Document pouch
made of recyclable film, pack of 250
Ex. VAT from 14,30
Document pouch
made of recyclable film, pack of 1000
Ex. VAT from 48,00
Document pouch
made of PE, pack of 1000
Ex. VAT from 59,30
Dispatch bag
non-transparent, single adhesive seal
Ex. VAT from 196,90
Dispatch bag
with document compartment, film thickness 50 µm
Ex. VAT from 190,30
Dispatch bags
filling height up to 25 mm, pack of 100
Ex. VAT from 78,20
Dispatch bag
non-transparent, double adhesive seal
Ex. VAT from 236,50
8 items found
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