Grinders, sanders and planers

Professional quality electric grinders, sanders and planers ensure smooth results without muscle power – for every knotty task in the workshop and for trade.

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Grinders and planers: a smooth performance is pre-programmed

Wood as a material is currently undergoing a new boom in popularity. This is why it is the perfect time to get state-of-the-art tools. Electric grinders and power planers from the professional class make woodworking easy – for an exceptionally smooth performance.

What is the difference between planing and sanding?

A similar design, the same goal: grinders and planers smooth down a wooden surface and get it ready for varnishing, for protective coatings or for an appealing natural look.

Grinders operate using an abrasive sanding disc, which roughens the wood according to the grain size and removes it in minute particles. Electric planers remove the material from the surface in layers. Sanded pieces of wood are better able to absorb oils, glazes, etc., while planed surfaces have an appealing gloss and feel smooth without any further treatment.

In order to handle an electric planer correctly, you'll need a little more experience and skill to master the right planing motion at the first go. But then again, you'll be able to remove layers of paint, for example, quickly and effectively.

A grinder is a comparatively inexpensive power tool for woodworking, and is even easy to understand for beginners. Its advantages are especially apparent on small surfaces, where it works much more precisely than a plane.

How do I find the right grinder for the respective job?

Orbital sanders and random orbit sanders are very similar, but operate using a different grinding motion. The oscillating grinding disc removes less material at the same time, and is particularly suitable for corners and edges.

A random orbital sander uses a rotating motion with a round grinding disc. The removal rate is higher, you make faster progress on large surfaces, and usually obtain a uniformly sanded surface even without much experience.

Angle grinders have a very special status. They have a very high material removal rate, and are also highly suited for cutting. They are used for working on stone, metal and tiles.

What should you keep in mind when choosing electric grinders and planers?

Professional grinders and planers are normally designed not to feature a rechargeable battery, because the consistency of performance that mains power provides is more important than a high level of mobility. Since most grinders and planers are designed for a specific area of application, you should take a close look before making a purchase. The material, the average surface size and the shape of the usual workpieces are the best indicators of which appliance to purchase. Of course, the right grinding discs must also be purchased for the respective machine. We would be more than happy to advise you on the range of power tools we offer, from grinders to drills.