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Whiteboards and pinboards for your presentation
Whiteboards and pinboards are needed in every company, as they are important aids when holding presentations and meetings. With the use of these boards, information can be recorded, discussions can be structured or work schedules can be finalised for employees. Professional whiteboards make a reputable impression and cast the company in a positive light. The surface of a whiteboard is smooth and white, and usually enamelled, allowing special whiteboard markers to be used for writing on it. In addition to this, a notice board like this can be used as a pinboard, as it is magnetic. Practical accessories like magnets and document pouches can also help with affixing information to the board and therefore help with structuring the presentation. Cleaning a whiteboard is conceivably easy: after writing on it with pens, it is simply wiped clean using a special dry wiper. A pinboard, in contrast, cannot be written on. These notice boards are instead designed to have information pinned to them which needs to be presented for extended periods. For example, pinboards can function as a notice board in entrances to companies, where important information is made accessible to all employees.

Whiteboards in all different sizes
Each company is different, and this is exactly the reason why KAISER+KRAFT stocks whiteboards and pinboards in diverse sizes and with different designs. This ensures you will find exactly the right board to suit your needs. A premium whiteboard made by office akktiv is available in a wide variety of dimensions and with an aluminium frame. The surface of the board is made of white enamelled sheet steel and has a very long service life. These design-oriented notice boards are a visual enhancement for your meeting room. Pinboards, a different type of notice board, are available with surfaces made of cork, fabric or felt, and in different colours. You can also purchase a pinboard with an aluminium frame, which makes a higher quality impression. All notice boards can be placed on the wall in portrait or landscape format, allowing you decide individually what suits your meeting room. Help your employees to structure meetings more effectively with the help of presentation boards.

Notice boards, pin boards

Whiteboards and pinboards have survived – and how! Project management software and many other digital alternatives just can't measure up to them. After all, notice boards are simply too practical. They are the perfect place for notes, ideas, work plans... and everything else you can think of!
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QUIPO - Folding wall board
open WxH, 2400 x 900 mm
Ex. VAT 451,00
Ex. VAT from 52,40
QUIPO - Folding wall board
open WxH, 3000 x 1000 mm
Ex. VAT 562,00
Ex. VAT from 27,45
QUIPO - Folding wall board
open WxH, 4000 x 1000 mm
Ex. VAT 667,00
Ex. VAT 423,00
Ex. VAT 496,00
QUIPO - Mobile folding board
open WxH, 3000 x 1890 mm
Ex. VAT 784,00
QUIPO - Mobile folding board
open WxH, 4000 x 1890 mm
Ex. VAT 895,00
QUIPO - Rotating board
overall height 1875 mm
Ex. VAT 667,00
Ex. VAT 43,90
Ex. VAT 27,45
Ex. VAT 65,90
Ex. VAT 130,90
Ex. VAT 163,90
QUIPO - Stainless steel magnetic board
brushed matt, octagonal bevelled edges
Ex. VAT from 93,50
QUIPO - Whiteboard
anodised frame
Ex. VAT from 55,00
QUIPO - Whiteboard
frame powder coated light blue RAL 5012
Ex. VAT from 64,70
QUIPO - Whiteboard
frame powder coated flame red RAL 3000
Ex. VAT from 64,70
Ex. VAT from 260,50
Presentation cabinet
whiteboard with projection surface
Ex. VAT from 1.090,00
Whiteboard module
750 x 1150 mm
Ex. VAT 77,80
Whiteboard module
1000 x 1500 mm
Ex. VAT 111,50
Glass whiteboard
external WxH 900 x 600 mm
Ex. VAT 143,90
Glass whiteboard
external WxH 1200 x 900 mm
Ex. VAT 244,00
Glass whiteboard
external WxH 1500 x 1000 mm
Ex. VAT 333,50
MAUL - Notice pin board
pinnable surface
Ex. VAT from 67,90
Rotating board with stand, double sided
sheet steel with special white paint coating
Ex. VAT from 332,00
Ex. VAT from 444,00
Ex. VAT from 267,00
Ex. VAT from 46,75
Ex. VAT from 42,30
MAUL - Continuous board
cork surface, vertical format
Ex. VAT from 103,70
MAUL - Continuous board
sheet steel, enamelled, vertical format
Ex. VAT from 191,30
MAUL - Continuous board
cork surface, horizontal format
Ex. VAT from 103,70
Pin board
made of linoleum
Ex. VAT from 99,30
Pin board
made of felt, blue
Ex. VAT from 55,70
Pin board
made of felt, grey
Ex. VAT from 55,70
for dual rail system
Ex. VAT from 121,60
Ex. VAT 88,10
Economy whiteboard
sheet steel, magnetic, can be written on and dry wiped
Ex. VAT from 33,00
59 items found
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