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Clever transport: pallet collars allow you to protect your goods from damage and theft. They also allow you to avoid packaging waste and to save money on disposal costs. At KAISER+KRAFT, you can choose from different types of pallet collars and include suitable pallet accessories with your order.

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Pallet collars: clever packaging systems

Pallets are indispensable for both transport and the warehouse. With the right lifting equipment, you can transport heavy, large or unwieldy goods on pallets. You can achieve perfect transport outcomes by using pallet collars, because the frames play a role in securing goods in the transport area in particular. Which one, exactly? Well, yeah. The frames offer the goods to be transported the necessary stability as well as protection against damage and loss. They secure the goods in such a way that they do not accidentally roll around or even fall onto the floor and become damaged.

Did you know?

With pallet collars you avoid unnecessary packaging waste and disposal costs.

Pallet collar – the contemporary reusable packaging

Take advantage of the versatility of pallet collars! These can be easily placed on the pallet and thus offer the necessary protection during transport and storage. In addition, you can also stack several pallets with pallet collars on top of each other – in this way you use your storage space extensively and in a resource-saving way.

Another plus point: You have the option of equipping the stacking frames with lockable lids. This gives you a closed and therefore safe transport unit.

If you want to transport and store small parts, we recommend room dividers or pallet collar dividers. You can also cleverly store several small parts of different sizes in them. Of course, you will also find the matching dividers for your pallet in our shop.

Equipment of our pallet collars

If you put a pallet on a pallet, access to the goods in the pallets is more difficult. Spacers are the solution because they allow you unproblematic access to your goods.

6-hinged pallet collars require less space when they need to be stored as they can be easily folded.

Plastic corners protect the transported and stored goods from damage. Especially when pallets are moved on several levels, as the risk of falling is greatly increased here.

You can label your pallets with labels and label holders. Thus you can see at a glance where which transport and storage goods are located and get quick access to them.

Pallet collars: the different materials and their advantages

Here in our shop you will find pallet collars made of the following materials: ABS plastic, aluminium, wood, softwood, PE recyclate, steel mesh and steel pipe.

  • Plastic: lightweight, low shipping costs (due to lower weight), no splintering, weatherproof

  • Aluminium: no static charging, waterproof, food-safe, odourless and tasteless, low dead weight

  • Wood: very robust, durable, inexpensive

  • Steel: robust, durable

Creative ideas with pallet collars

Pallet plus collar: mesh pallet

The storage space for mesh pallets or stacking containers is missing? Budget's too tight to buy another mesh pallet? Or is there simply no mesh pallet available at the moment? Then simply build yourself a mesh pallet! For this you need a pallet and a pallet collar and you already have a stable transport box – you know how!

Snail-free raised beds

Build a raised bed from several stacked pallet stacking frames – not only does this keep your seeds free of worms, it also protects your back!

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