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Modular shelving systems
Modular shelving systems represent a convenient way of setting up storage for a wide variety of goods and office supplies. Shelving units for self-assembly allow shelving to be erected that is largely adapted for individual requirements and the space available. Boltless shelving units make an impression with their particularly fast and yet highly stable assembly. The individual shelf connectors, system components and boltless shelf parts for the basic structure can be purchased in small package sizes, or as individual articles. This way, the modular shelving units also make for an efficient system that can be structured variably when being purchased. The slotted rails allow the shelves to be placed higher or lower at any time. Modular shelving systems can therefore be adapted to any new requirements when changes are made to the room they are in. Instead of having to purchase new shelving units, only a few movements are necessary for adaptations. Shelves can be ordered subsequently, or an additional slotted rail can be added as an extension element. This ensures that making the shelving units larger or smaller is easy to implement. Steel shelving units in particular provide high levels of stability and maximum bay loads when used as wall shelf units. When required, a polyurethane coating provides additional protection and an appealing visual effect.

Practical systems for convenient self-assembly
Because modular shelving systems for self-assembly can be combined by choosing from all the different systems available, particular attention must be paid to individual features such as the rail pattern, support foot profiles and shelf panel cross beams when selecting components. When wooden shelves or chipboard panels are used, this makes reducing the shelf width particularly easy when required. The modular shelving units are a very convenient way of reacting to frequently changing equipment needs in the workshop and for office furnishings. Simply find the shelving unit you need in the online shop.

Modular shelf units

What won't fit is made to fit: shelving units in a modular system are the perfect solution when you wish to have flexible shelving units that can be adapted to new requirements or conditions over and over again. Attach, convert, extend, increase the maximum shelf load, improve the edge protection... our modular shelving unit systems allow you to build your perfect shelving unit yourself.
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Ex. VAT from 236,50
Ex. VAT from 424,00
Angled steel profile for modular system
38 x 38 x 1.7 mm, length 2 m
Ex. VAT from 86,10
Ex. VAT from 45,95
Angled steel profile for modular system
38 x 38 x 1.7 mm, length 2.5 m
Ex. VAT from 108,40
Angled steel profile for modular system
38 x 38 x 1.7 mm, length 3 m
Ex. VAT from 128,50
Ex. VAT from 112,20
Angled steel profile for modular system
42 x 42 x 2 mm, length 2.5 m
Ex. VAT from 112,20
Ex. VAT from 103,80
Ex. VAT from 142,30
Angled steel profile for modular system
65 x 42 x 2 mm, length 2.5 m
Ex. VAT from 142,30
Ex. VAT from 123,60
Ex. VAT from 26,50
Ex. VAT from 5,10
Shelf for wall shelf unit
sheet steel, plastic-coated
Ex. VAT from 24,95
Combination boltless shelving component
shelf unit connector, pebble grey RAL 7032
Ex. VAT 16,25
17 items found
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