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What is the true strength of the HelgeNyberg brand? Knowing which equipment that employees in storage and logistics really need. Or the consistent improvement and ongoing development of trolleys and tow trucks. Or maybe the fact that the founder of the company was once its own best customer. The answer is plain to see: they all are.

The experiences that the Swede Helge Nyberg gathered while working in the Volvo spare parts warehouse provided the basis for the solutions he developed, catering to his own requirements. And his very first product, Ergobjörn, did exactly this. This practical trolley with a ladder and storage compartment is now being used all over the world. Today, Nyberg has a team working at his side to help him find even better solutions for customers, while also ensuring key factors like ergonomics and environment are given the attention they deserve. Why? The HelgeNyberg company has made it its goal to remain a specialist when it comes to your everyday work, and to construct the trolleys and tow trucks of tomorrow.

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