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When you mention the name Ansell, then what you're really talking about is a global player. After all, this company, which is based in Melbourne, Australia, is the world's largest producer of protective gloves and personal protective equipment for industry, healthcare, and life sciences – as well as condoms, this for more than 125 years now. And to give you an idea of this in numerical terms: Ansell produces around 10 trillion gloves annually for more than 25 different industries.

No wonder, because in industry alone, highly effective work gloves and protective gloves that provide protection from mechanical parts and chemicals, or ones that are suitable for single use, are constantly needed – and not only have to be comfortable, but also need to be made of a material characterised by its durability. And this is exactly where Ansell shows just how well it masters its trade. The company is active in more than 55 countries around the world, and has a total of 13,000 employees. And it pursues a noble mission: to create a world in which people are ideally protected from all the risks they encounter every day.

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