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Up to 10000 Topstar chairs are produced every single day – that is around seven chairs a minute. This makes the Topstar GmbH company one of the biggest office chair manufacturers in Germany. In international terms, it is among the top 10. Every year around 2.5 million Topstar office chairs, Topstar executive armchairs and many other chairs find new owners – some of them are also bought for private use. A top performance!

The success story of the Topstar chairs started in 1949 with Moritz Wagner, father of the founder of Topstar and grandfather of the Topstar CEO today. The wooden chairs originally manufactured for property were quickly joined by office chairs and with the invention of the conical plug connection for gas springs in swivel chairs, the foundation was laid for future generations of products. And today it is still innovation that is behind the secret of success of every Topstar swivel chair. And the aim of all this? Combining design, modernity, ergonomics and ecology and finding the perfect seat for everyday life in this way. And of course the perfect chair for you is also there. Discover your new Topstar office chair here. 

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Ex. VAT 308,50
Ex. VAT 329,00
Ex. VAT 362,00
Topstar Standard swivel chair
without arm rests, back rest 450 mm
Ex. VAT from 98,00
Ex. VAT 185,00
Topstar Standard swivel chair
without arm rests, back rest 550 mm
Ex. VAT from 128,30
Topstar Standard swivel chair
without arm rests, with lumbar support
Ex. VAT from 149,00
Topstar Standard swivel chair
permanent contact mechanism
Ex. VAT 114,80
Topstar LADY SITNESS operator swivel chair
permanent contact mechanism, back rest height 580 mm
Ex. VAT 289,00
Topstar Operator swivel chair, for up to 150 kg
point synchronous mechanism, sliding seat, head rest
Ex. VAT 659,00
Topstar Ergonomic swivel chair, back rest height 680 mm
back rest with actively breathing mesh covering
Ex. VAT 252,00
Ex. VAT 153,70
Ex. VAT 170,50
Topstar Operator swivel chair, permanent contact mechanism and Orthositz® ...
with Body Balance Tec®, back rest with mesh covering
Ex. VAT 253,00
Topstar Operator swivel chair, point synchronous mechanism
flat seat with knee roll and Body Balance Tec®
Ex. VAT 363,50
Ex. VAT 129,00
Topstar Swivel armchair
faux leather / microfibre
Ex. VAT 219,00
Ex. VAT 97,90
Ex. VAT 164,80
Topstar Operator swivel chair
upholstered back rest
Ex. VAT 219,00
Topstar Operator swivel chair
black mesh back rest
Ex. VAT 252,00
Ex. VAT from 296,00
Ex. VAT from 296,00
Ex. VAT from 296,00
Ex. VAT 296,00
Ex. VAT from 274,00
Ex. VAT from 329,00
Topstar BIGSTAR20 operator swivel chair
point synchronous mechanism, max. load 150 kg
Ex. VAT 449,00
Topstar CHAIRMAN swivel armchair
back rest height 780 mm
Ex. VAT 362,00
Ex. VAT 296,00
Topstar Sled frame stacking chair
chrome plated frame, pack of 4
Ex. VAT 472,50
Topstar Visitors' chair, stackable
4 legs, upholstered back rest, pack of 2
Ex. VAT 203,50
Topstar Visitors' chair, stackable
cantilever, upholstered back rest, pack of 2
Ex. VAT 214,50
Topstar Visitors' chair, stackable
4 legs, mesh back rest, pack of 2
Ex. VAT 196,90
Topstar Visitors' chair, stackable
cantilever chair, mesh back rest, pack of 2
Ex. VAT 208,00
Ex. VAT 60,70
Topstar Designer arm rests
height adjustable, 1 pair
Ex. VAT 72,80
Topstar Castor for hard floors
for office swivel chair
Ex. VAT 16,85
50 items found
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