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Machine jacks
There are warehouses in which no work can get done without the machine jack. Companies that deal with heavy or bulky materials and goods in the warehouse and workshop require aids for lifting and transporting the heavy or unmanageable loads. Lifting devices and equipment help by providing lifting and transport technology to use which saves time and energy. The right machine jack should be made available for all individual loads to prevent employees from being hurt. Machine jacks make it safe and straightforward to lift items, to bring them into the right position, move and transport them. Some jacks can be used both vertically and horizontally. Of course, devices that are as exacting as this need to undergo regular checks and maintenance. High quality machine jacks from KAISER+KRAFT therefore not only make an impression with their long service lift, but also by the appropriate guarantee period provided with them. The machine jacks make it easy to lift other transport equipment, so that changing tyres and performing repairs underneath the transport equipment can be carried out quickly.

Machine jacks for professional lifting and transport
KAISER+KRAFT offers a large range of different types of lifting devices and equipment. From a simple suction lifter to hydraulic lifter, the product range is extensive. There is an optimal machine jack for every requirement. These devices are optimally designed for attachment to smooth and non-porous surfaces. As devices designed for lifting purposes only, different solutions are provided by manual winches, machine jacks with spindle threads or hydraulic lifters. When loads not only need to be lifted, but also moved, these lifters will not be sufficient. In these cases, a furniture mover needs to be used. There are also different models of these to choose from. These robust, rolling devices are optimally suited for very heavy and bulky material. What one device lifts is moved by another device. Important work processes involving heavy loads can only be quickly and effectively carried out with a full range of transport and lifting devices. You can find out all about the different transport devices in our webshop. If you have any unanswered questions, the committed service team at KAISER+KRAFT will be more than happy to stand by your side with goods advice and helpful services.

Machine jacks

Make things easy for yourself: move heavyweights using our machine jacks! In operations involving transporting heavy goods on an everyday basis in particular, lifting equipment is an essential item. By using our machine jacks, you can lift and position goods safely and easily – manually or hydraulically, vertically or horizontally.
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Hydraulic jack
can be used horizontally and vertically
Ex. VAT from 472,00
Ex. VAT 2.065,00
Ex. VAT 479,00
Lifting set
1 lifter, 8 x skates
Ex. VAT 75,00
Spindle winch
max. load 0.5 t
Ex. VAT from 176,70
Spindle winch
max. load 1.0 t
Ex. VAT from 199,00
Spindle winch
max. load 3.0 t
Ex. VAT 343,00
Travel jack
with steel wheels, Includes 2 castors, 1 lifting mechanism
Ex. VAT 208,00
Travel jack
wheels with polyurethane tyres, supplied with 2 castors, 1 lifting rod
Ex. VAT 208,00
Furniture mover
mechanical, max. load 600 kg, pack of 2
Ex. VAT 902,00
Furniture mover
hydraulic, max. load 1800 kg, pack of 2
Ex. VAT from 2.560,00
Hydraulic jack with detachable lever
max. load 6 t, weight 15 kg
Ex. VAT 989,00
16 items found
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