VAR Washroom equipment

VAR sanitary supplies – the best design for the best hygiene!

Sooner or later, disinfectant dispensers will become an integral component of company buildings and outdoor facilities. So why not make sure you have ones that are stylish too? VAR sanitary supplies combines safety, design and ease of use to create a practical solution for your hygiene concept. The disinfectant columns for outdoors and indoors make an impression with their streamlined, high quality appearance, and feature clever details such as waste bins. This not only ensures that your company can implement extensive measures to prevent infection, but also do it in style – in harmony with your corporate identity.

VAR GmbH from Marl in North Rhine-Westphalia keeps up with the times: when the pandemic first broke out, this family business expanded its production capacity and has since been supplying high quality sanitary supplies for outdoor areas and social areas, along with waste bins. The fact that VAR has been manufacturing products in its own factories in Germany for more than 40 years allowed it to be this responsive. MADE IN GERMANY has rarely paid off like this!