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Stacking boxes – pile them up to save space
Stacking boxes will let your employee lay it on thick – in the positive sense. The stackable storage boxes are, in fact, practical space savers in the storage area or in company storerooms. Furthermore, the containers can also hold a lot of different things. Stacking boxes are the practical solution for storing the most diverse goods, small parts and products. The storage volume can be increased by stacking more units right there and then. Ideally, the stacks can extend upwards to just under the ceiling. And the space can be cleared just as quickly for other things when required. Stacking boxes are flexible and easy to transport, either by hand or using lifting equipment. Storage containers and pallets in different designs are also helpful in this case. KAISER+KRAFT offers stacking boxes for different planned uses. The individual boxes can be open at the top, however storage boxes with lids are also available. In this case, the goods to be stored play a decisive role when it comes to the specific use. In principle, both versions can be stacked. The boxes with locks are available in versions with removable lids and stacking boxes with permanently integrated covers. When transparent materials are used for sealed systems, they also provide the option of viewing the respective contents from the outside without having to open anything. Coloured boxes allow items to be specifically pre-sorted, along with allocation to variable contents. Containers suitable for foodstuffs are included in the product range, just like special containers for risk-prone storage and transport goods.

Stacking boxes as transport containers and pallets
Stacking boxes and the individual stacking systems can be used as permanent storage or as transport containers. Whether polypropylene or another plastic, wooden pallets or folding boxes, a custom fit solution can be found for all company requirements. All stacking boxes are designed for heavy loading, as frequently done in warehouse logistics and in transportation. Aluminium boxes and temperature resistant boxes for foodstuffs, as well as stacking baskets and steel boxes for heavy articles, and other potential variants. Plastic boxes are the most frequently use stacking boxes, whereby these are also available in all sorts of different versions. Choose your high quality company equipment from KAISER+KRAFT and decide for a high quality manufacturer who has known for decades what companies need.

Stacking boxes

The practical storage option for a wide range of small parts and goods: stacking boxes. Optimally suited for transport and shipment. In a wide range of sizes and available in all different colours, with and without covers. Stacking boxes are true space saving miracles and the easiest solution for everything that needs order and a clear overview.
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Ex. VAT 39,05
Ex. VAT 54,80
Stack/nest container
capacity 50 l, pack of 3
Ex. VAT 89,00
Stacking box
capacity 37 litres, perforated walls, solid base, pack of 4
Ex. VAT 88,00
Stacking box
capacity 49 litres, perforated walls, solid base, pack of 4
Ex. VAT 93,20
Stacking box
capacity 58.5 litres, perforated walls, solid base, pack of 4
Ex. VAT 109,90
Stacking box
capacity 78 litres, perforated walls, solid base, pack of 4
Ex. VAT 126,90
Euro stacking container made of PP
external LxWxH 600 x 400 x 120 mm
Ex. VAT 60,70
Euro stacking container made of PP
external LxWxH 800 x 600 x 120 mm
Ex. VAT 65,00
Ex. VAT from 53,00
Stacking and transport container
solid walls, base, opening on the end
Ex. VAT from 95,60
Stacking and transport container
perforated walls, solid base, opening on the end
Ex. VAT from 77,00
Stacking and transport container
perforated walls, base, opening on the end
Ex. VAT from 74,10
Industrial container
capacity 5 l, LxWxH 300 x 200 x 120 mm, pack of 5
Ex. VAT 39,00
Industrial container
capacity 50.8 l, LxWxH 600 x 400 x 270 mm, pack of 4
Ex. VAT 99,90
Polypropylene folding box
capacity 20 l, LxWxH 400 x 300 x 225 mm
Ex. VAT 65,00
Polypropylene folding box
capacity 43 l, LxWxH 600 x 400 x 225 mm
Ex. VAT 96,70
Polypropylene folding box
capacity 52 l, LxWxH 600 x 400 x 280 mm
Ex. VAT 102,20
Polypropylene folding box
capacity 63 l, LxWxH 600 x 400 x 320 mm
Ex. VAT 111,50
Polypropylene folding box
capacity 168 l, LxWxH 800 x 600 x 445 mm
Ex. VAT 158,20
Ex. VAT 33,00
Ex. VAT 44,90
Ex. VAT 48,30
Ex. VAT 53,10
Ex. VAT 58,00
Ex. VAT 69,00
Ex. VAT 87,70
Ex. VAT 95,80
Ex. VAT 76,60
Ex. VAT 89,00
Ex. VAT 94,60
Ex. VAT 112,90
Ex. VAT 129,90
Ex. VAT 144,50
Ex. VAT 97,50
Ex. VAT 125,60
363 items found
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