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Drawer cupboards

Big, small, narrow, wide, with a locking system or single pull-out stops, as a base for the workbench or for use in a controlled room: drawer cupboards are so varied and flexible that we're able to offer a huge range of them – after all, we want you to find exactly the drawer cupboard you're looking for.
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Drawer cupboards with functional designs
Our drawer cupboards for offices make a clearly organised impression, not only due to their elegant design. The organisation system allows documents, papers or utensils to be catalogued and sorted systematically. Outlets with 5, 8, 10 or more drawer units can be distinguished in the cupboard design, that also make the height of the cupboard vary. When it comes to drawer depth, KAISER+KRAFT also gives you the option of ordering drawer cupboards for papers in A4 format, as well as for papers in an A3 format. The cupboards are available in a diverse range of colours. Choose the models that suit your company best from this range. Particularly stylish are drawer cupboards in white or in black with chrome plate handles.

Office cupboards for storing documents horizontally
Because the cupboards are designed for storing documents horizontally, they are used to keep the documents to be archived in a suitable form. Clear labelling and markings ensure everything is easy and quick to find again. Any replacement labels needed can also be found at KAISER+KRAFT, just like all sorts of different colours in signal colours, and printable signs, and so on. Use your available office space and choose the drawer cupboards best suited for your company from the product range.
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