Drawing cabinets

Where to put all the large format maps and plans, illustrations and drawings? We've got a suggestion: put them in our special drawing cabinets. Whether in an architectural office, gallery or archive: drawing cabinets provide room for everything that goes beyond standard paper scopes.

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Drawing cabinets: Make big plans!

Great ideas are difficult to shrink onto a small piece of paper. For this reason alone, floor plan drawings, works of art or construction plans usually exceed any common DIN format. To protect these valuable documents from environmental influences and curious glances we recommend to use drawing cabinets. Because these can easily handle your big plans.

Where are drawing cabinets used?

Drawing and flat storage cabinets are designed to meet the special requirements of paper – especially in large formats. For this you need cupboards that allow removing large sheets without tearing and to store drawings or plans in such a way that they can lie crease-free and wrinkle-free. At the same time, the paper must be protected from environmental influences, otherwise, it may yellow or fade.

Drawing cabinets are therefore in demand in many environments:

  • For plans and construction drawings in architectural offices, planning workshops, test laboratories, etc.

  • For graphics, works of art and drawings in universities, the art department in all educational institutions, in museums or galleries

  • For all large-format documents in archives

  • For photographers and creative agencies

What tasks do drawing cabinets perform?

As special drawer cupboards, flat storage cabinets not only have the advantage that they can safely hold large paper formats. They can also be locked. This is particularly important to protect intellectual property and secret design drawings.

They also have hold-down devices and cover strips that prevent thin planning paper from rolling up. To know exactly where to find what content, label the label holders on the drawer.

With special drawer dividers, you can also sort stacks of paper in smaller formats in one drawer. This is useful, for example, if you want to stack multiple prints or smaller-sized copies and sort a drawer by topics.

What should I pay attention to when buying drawing cabinets?

Due to their special format, flat storage cabinets are more expansive than other models. Also, you must always factor in enough space in front of the cupboard to be able to open the drawer fully. This is the only way to ensure that large sheets can be removed and inserted without damage.

You can select different numbers of drawers in the online shop. This affects the cupboard and drawer heights. You should, therefore, calculate how high the stacks of paper will be and how you want to divide up the drawers.

Why is sheet steel the best choice of material for drawing cabinets?

Sheet steel is the best protection against the typical enemies of paper. This applies not only to light and air but also to dust and even flying sparks in the design department. Even accidentally sprayed water is stopped by this material.

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