Tool cupboards

When the workshop foreman is impatiently tapping his watch while the apprentice nervously looks for the tongs, file or hammer... then it's high time for a tool cupboard. When time is of the essence in everyday work, it provides order, protection and fast access to all work tools required. The boss will be happy. The clock too.

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Tool cupboards – storage with system

Having everything you need for work is one thing. Having everything at hand is something else. Do you want both? Then we recommend a tool cupboard from KAISER+KRAFT.

What are the advantages of tool cupboards?

Tool cupboards create order and this ensures that work is done more quickly and feels better. Also, our cupboards protect tools and components from dirt, moisture and unauthorized access.

Which features are important for tool cupboards?

Tool cupboards have to withstand more than normal drawer cupboards. This starts with the weight. Our workshop cupboards have a max. cupboard load of up to 1.5 tonnes, enough for heavy components. In addition, materials such as stainless steel and sheet steel and galvanised shelves ensure robustness and long service life in tough everyday working conditions.

To be well organised our tool cupboards have several drawers and/or shelves. Perforated panels are ideal for attaching tools and have them immediately ready to hand when needed. With additional drawer accessories such as anti-slip mats and dividers, you can even keep track of many small parts.

How do you find the perfect workshop cupboard?

By asking yourself the following questions before buying:

  • Which tools, components or other items would you like to store in the cupboard?

  • How high should the max. load per shelf be?

  • How big can the cupboard be?

  • Which interior fittings do you need?

  • Do you want the cupboard to be lockable?

  • Should the cupboard be used in the workshop or in another room?

What special types of tool cupboards are there?

Large, larger or large-scale cupboard. If you want to store particularly large tools or components in a cupboard, our large-capacity cupboards are the perfect solution. Should you have many small parts, you can get the cupboards including high-quality open fronted storage bins in various colours. This way you already have everything you need for organising the cupboard.

Theoretically, you can also store your laptop in the tool cupboard. However, we have a better suggestion: Battery charging cabinets supply mobile phones, laptops or tablets with charge and are available with lockers. Simply connect the cabinet to a normal socket and you're done.

Finally, in our shop you will find cleanroom cupboards that meet all legal requirements for furniture in cleanrooms, as well as complete cupboard systems with a worktop and perforated walls.

You cannot find the cupboard you desire? Talk to us. We are also happy to take care of individual requirements. And of course, we have not only tool cupboards for you, but also tool sets, work tables and workbenches for mounting frames and complete system equipment.

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