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Vertical pull-out cabinets

Tools, materials and other bits and pieces can be stored in a clear and space saving way – as is the case in our vertical pull-out cabinets. Simply pull out the corresponding perforated panel or perforated wall – finished! You'll be astounded by how much the vertical pull-out cabinet can hold.
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Cupboards with vertical pull-outs
Cupboards with vertical pull-outs are also often referred to as chemist's cupboards, as this style of vertical pull-out is often found in pharmacies. In contrast to conventional drawer cupboards, the cupboard sections, which are installed vertically under each other, can be easily pulled out from a vertical pull-out cupboard. And when it is a tool cupboard, then it does not feature vertical drawers, but rather several perforated panels that are installed vertically next to each other in the cupboard. In general, cupboards with vertical drawers are always a practical option when there is a large number of small parts to be stored in them. This also applies for tools, which are attached to perforated panels in a clearly arrange way to keep them handy. The vertical drawer can be pulled out of the cupboard far enough that it is always easy to reach the contents. The product range from KAISER+KRAFT includes cupboards with vertical drawers both with and without drawers.

Easily accessible tools
A cupboard with doors that contains perforated panels on telescopic slides with ball bearing guides does not differ in its appearance from a standard steel cupboard. It is, for example, 1950 mm high, 600 mm deep and one metre in width. With two hinged doors, the cupboards with vertical pull-outs can be securely locked. A vertical pull-out cupboard without doors makes fast access to the content possible. Tool cupboards of this type in particular have a large storage capacity, as they contain four or more perforated panels that allow tools and consumables to be attached to hooks and special tool holders on both sides. The perforated panels can also be equipped with storage compartments or wire baskets for small parts. The cupboard with vertical drawers are made of powder coated sheet steel, are immune to ambient influences and provide secure protection for the content.
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