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Shelf trucks as transport aids
Shelf trucks and table trolleys for your individual requirements can now be found online. Our product range offers a broad selection of table trolleys and shelf trucks for universal use in everyday work. The selection ranges from simple table trolleys for the office to heavy duty shelf trucks for industry and production. The range of sizes, designs and load capacities ensure you will obtain the optimum transport aids for your company here. You can store and transport objects on several levels. The transport equipment, which can be loaded flexibly, might even end up in constant use in some premises.

Shelf trucks for organisation in the warehouse and industry
With the right transport equipment and trolleys, work will be easier. The shelf trucks and table trolleys feature top quality at the top price, just like all products in our online shop. The transport equipment is manufactured from heavy duty and high quality materials, making it possible to transport heavy loads without problems. Thanks to their functionality, the table trolley and shelf trucks can be used virtually everywhere and provide benefits in every work area. The base can be removed from some shelf trucks as required to make work flexible and ensure there is always the amount of space currently required. This results in time savings, as the transport trolley does not need to be changed. Only the panels are added or removed as required. Table trolleys also feature a highly functional design. They occupy little space and can be folded together with just a few movements, allowing them to be stowed in a compact way. With the right transport equipment from KAISER+KRAFT, a lot of time and space can be saved, which is of great significance in the modern work world.

Shelf trucks

Better organisation, more space, a better overview – on up to five levels. We're not talking about your new home, but rather your new shelf truck. For the workshop, for example. And just like a spaciously dimensioned home, these mobile helpers also offer everything you for your individual needs, in many sizes, versions and load bearing capacities.
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Ex. VAT 545,00
Ex. VAT 879,00
QUIPO - Shelf truck and shelf trolley
3 shelves and 3 mesh panels
Ex. VAT from 461,00
Ex. VAT 484,00
Ex. VAT 627,00
Ex. VAT 395,00
Ex. VAT 399,00
Ex. VAT from 450,00
Ex. VAT from 406,00
Ex. VAT 479,00
Ex. VAT 494,00
EUROKRAFT - Shelf trolley, max. load 300 kg
shelves can be fitted level or at an incline
Ex. VAT 412,50
Ex. VAT 362,00
18 items found
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