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Container trucks

Are you looking for a solution for uncomplicated, manageable transport for small loads? Bingo! We have any number of container trucks for you – from a wire mesh basket or wire mesh box truck to lockable metal box trucks with folding side panels. Choose the transport aid that best suits your needs and the proposed use, load carrying capacity and volume now.
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Container trucks
Container trucks are a versatile version available from the transport truck and equipment category. The practical dollies can be used for all sorts of different purposes and are suitable for a wide range of industrial branches. The product range extends from mobile wire mesh baskets or wire mesh box trucks to lockable metal box trucks with a long side wall that can be folded up and down. According to the respective area of use, the load bearing capacity and volume of the box trucks varies. The transport trucks suitable for universal use can be used at many different points within the warehouse area. In goods receipt when sorting out, in order picking processes as a transport case, or in retail spaces as a mobile storage space with easy-to-remove articles – dollies provide faithful service.

The right box truck for every use
The area of use is decisive for the size and construction of the box truck. Mesh trolleys are suitable for storage and transport of non-sensitive, light weight goods. These wire mesh baskets have a load carrying capacity of 250 litres and can be loaded with up to 250 kg. The wire baskets, when empty, can be stacked in each other to save space and can therefore be stored in small spaces without problems. The corresponding covers are available to choose as well. When the weight of the goods to be moved is a little higher, then more solid wire mesh box trucks can be used. These can withstand a load of up to 500 kg and are also equipped with anti-slip bases. Robust constructions made of powder coated angled steel guarantee a long service life and high load bearing capacities. In companies in which compliance with hygiene standards must be ensured, using container trucks made of aluminium is recommended. These aluminium transport trucks are light, completely hygienic, odourless and corrosion resistant. They are also resistant to temperature fluctuations and easy to clean. Sizes with a 150 litre to 1050 litre volume are available. Models with fold-out side walls make loading and unloading crates easier. There are also container trucks made of sheet steel or wooden container trucks available as well for other areas of use. They can be used for correct collection and disposal, and they are also highly suited for interim storage purposes. All transport trucks have non wearing transport castors for non-marking use. Trust the quality from KAISER+KRAFT when selecting your container trucks.
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