Adjustment of seat inclination

DAUPHIN swivel chairs – good for your back, and comfortable

Does sitting still for long periods of time make your back hurt? DAUPHIN swivel chairs can help! These ergonomic office chairs adapt exactly to the shape of your back. The adjustable seat inclination featured by the back rest mean that DAUPHIN swivel chairs promote a healthy posture when seated, allowing the desk chairs to contribute to preventing back problems. The seat surface of the DAUPHIN swivel armchairs also ensures you will be sitting in comfort, allowing you to devote your full concentration to work. And the office chairs also look really good as well!

DAUPHIN office chairs are manufactured by one of the leading European office chair manufacturers. With headquarters in Offenhausen, DAUPHIN has committed itself to solving seating problems with great innovative capacity since 1969. DAUPHIN swivel chairs represent increased comfort and well-being, as well as the perfect interplay of design, ecology and ergonomics – for your at work or at home as well.