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Perforated panel systems – suitable for universal use and truly helpful
Perforated panel systems can be used in many different areas, and are a practical solution for many different challenges in storage. Along with tool cupboards, they are ideally suited for storing tools and mounting materials in the workshop. Perforated panel systems can help to keep work materials and tools ready for use at any time. The systems can be affixed to a wall or can be set up as free standing units in the middle of a room. This is why perforated panel systems are outstandingly suited for presenting products in individual retail outlets. Hooks can be suspended from the holes, and be used to hang up different goods. Depending on the product range, the hooks can then be arranged individually. Clearly organised and well ordered, goods can be exhibited and be stored using the range of supplementary equipment that is available for the systems. The same principle also functions in the factory, in the workshop and in production units. The tools required for a workstation can be arranged individually using perforated panel systems. The free standing perforated panel in the form of a display wall can also be used as a partition element between the different groups of goods or workshop areas. Perforated panels that can be used on both sides are available as partition elements, ensuring that these systems can be used particularly efficiently.

Perforated panel systems for flexible extension in retail and trades
You'll find perforated panel systems that are extremely handy when used in retail and trades in our online shop. The product range offered by KAISER+KRAFT includes numerous accessories for equipping the perforated panels with perforated panel hooks, storage boxes, shelves, tool clamps or cable holders. Spanner holders, Allen key holders or drill bit holders can be added to perforated panel systems for special tools. Special can holders are even available for these intelligent systems. The use of a tool trolley keeps things flexible in the workshop, as its mobile slotted panels or perforated panel system provides additional storage surface. Rolling tool cupboards can also be equipped with perforated panels. To use the perforated panel systems in retail environments, you can obtain specific accessories such as holding pins or U-shaped brackets in our webshop. Perforated panels made of powder coated sheet steel can also be found in different colours and sizes in our product range.

Perforated panel systems

Let's get this system organised – with perforated panel systems. They allow you to make your workplace more organised, quickly and practically. A good solution for space saving and organised storage of work materials, tools and small parts.
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Perforated panel
width 600 mm
Ex. VAT from 87,20
Perforated panel
HxWxD 360 x 1920 x 35 mm
Ex. VAT 257,00
Keyboard shelf
HxWxD 250 x 400 x 180 mm
Ex. VAT 58,50
Can and bottle holder
HxWxD 120 x 300 x 130 mm
Ex. VAT 49,90
HxWxD 140 x 70 x 150 mm
Ex. VAT 46,95
Storage tray
HxWxD 100 x 250 x 140 mm
Ex. VAT 46,80
Ex. VAT from 123,60
Double hook
pack of 5, wide base plate and vertical hook end
Ex. VAT from 20,25
Ex. VAT from 41,20
Tool holder set
25 pieces, for perforated panel
Ex. VAT 99,90
Ex. VAT from 21,90
Tool hooks
5 pieces, vertical hook end
Ex. VAT from 9,40
Tool clamp
rotating, pack of 5
Ex. VAT from 13,75
Ex. VAT 46,30
Ex. VAT 105,50
Ex. VAT 89,20
Ex. VAT 99,90
Ex. VAT 211,00
Ex. VAT 334,00
EUROKRAFT - Hose and cable holder
includes mounting material
Ex. VAT from 41,20
EUROKRAFT - Holding rail
for open fronted storage bins
Ex. VAT from 6,70
EUROKRAFT - Can holder
for can Ø max. 68 mm
Ex. VAT 24,90
Ex. VAT 16,65
Ex. VAT 12,50
Ex. VAT 11,85
EUROKRAFT - Spanner holder
WxDxH 75 - 145 x 40 x 180 mm
Ex. VAT 13,50
EUROKRAFT - Pliers holder
for mounting on perforated panels
Ex. VAT 7,80
EUROKRAFT - 6-way holder
with protective cap
Ex. VAT 20,25
EUROKRAFT - Storage tray
sheet steel, powder coated
Ex. VAT from 21,90
Ex. VAT from 27,65
EUROKRAFT - Round holder
with a wide base plate, pack of 5
Ex. VAT from 35,10
EUROKRAFT - Wire basket
WxH 470 x 220 mm
Ex. VAT from 78,70
Ex. VAT from 26,90
Ex. VAT from 21,80
EUROKRAFT - Tool holder
with protective cap, pack of 5
Ex. VAT from 9,40
Ex. VAT from 7,35
Ex. VAT from 13,30
Ex. VAT from 39,70
EUROKRAFT - Double hook
with vertical hook ends, pack of 5
Ex. VAT from 19,05
58 items found
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