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More than just simple workplace lighting.
Workplace lighting isn't just a necessity at the desk, but also in production and assembly areas as well. Our system lamps, magnifying lamps and spotlights allow you to organise optimal lighting for your workplaces in your workshop. Workshop lights often need to provide specific functions that can help to make work processes easier or to make them possible at all in the first place. LED articulated lights are available, just like halogen articulated lights, for the factory. A cold light machine lamp, for example, prevents any problems occurring due to heat. This lamp remains cold even after being used for extended periods. You can also contribute to a positive climate balance by using our workplace lighting: with suitable energy saving bulbs, the power consumed in the production facility can be kept low in the long run, while LED bulbs don't use nearly as much power as some lamps used to. Although the purchase price might be slightly higher, thanks to the very good energy balance, you will recover the extra expense after just a short period. The various desk lamps are as suitable for activities in the workshop as they are for a laboratory or at the computer table. For employees who are expected to perform precision work, bench magnifiers and magnifying ring lamps are convenient magnification lamps: special, integrated bulbs ensure that work is focussed and spot on.

Find the suitable lamp!
Workplace lighting is usually chosen in accordance with the desk being used and the type of work that needs to be done. As an alternative to desk lamps that are installed on the desktop or designed as floor lamps, suspended lamps are a means of lighting that keep the worktop completely clear, while also providing illumination over a large area. Work lamps with height adjustable systems can also be found in our online shop. Height adjustable products allow lighting to be individually adapted to the workstation and employee. These lights allow glare protection to be fitted using grid screens. Black housings, chrome plated designs and many other versions are available from us as colours to choose from. Order your lamps in the webshop and benefit from exclusive designs and resilient products.

Workstation lamps

The right lighting at the workplace is a decisive factor for more productive and more highly motivated workers. And that, in turn, gives you a competitive advantage. Why? Isn't it obvious? Those with good vision have good visions!
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3 x 1 W LED version
Ex. VAT from 149,80
MAUL - Magnifying lamp
arm length 310 mm, with base
Ex. VAT 91,40
MAUL - Magnifying lamp
arm length 400 mm, with table clamp
Ex. VAT 79,90
20 W halogen version
Ex. VAT from 109,00
Articulated light E27
standard model, IP20
Ex. VAT 138,70
Ex. VAT 721,00
Universal LED flexible arm lamp IP20
connection voltage 100 - 240 V
Ex. VAT from 178,40
LED flexible arm machinery lamp
connection voltage 100 - 240 V
Ex. VAT from 252,50
Universal LED articulated lamp
power 14 W, light head width 355 mm
Ex. VAT from 335,50
Universal LED articulated lamp
power 28 W, light head width 577 mm
Ex. VAT 504,00
LED magnifying lamp
3 dioptres glass lens
Ex. VAT from 205,00
Ex. VAT 281,50
Articulated light E27
dust and splash water protection, IP54
Ex. VAT 209,00
Directional lamp
with halogen bulb
Ex. VAT 236,00
Large field magnifying lamp
magnification 175 %
Ex. VAT from 497,00
Cold light lamp
over 2000 Lux
Ex. VAT from 355,00
Ex. VAT 358,00
17 items found
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