Vikan Brooms, brushes

Vikan brooms and brushes – the best hygiene for the best food

Hygiene is more important in food production than almost anywhere else. This is why real cleaning specialists are in demand. Vikan brooms and brushes are more or less considered the industry standard. This is because the company has committed itself to compliance with the specifications outlined in all EU directives and EC regulations for the food sector, right down to the smallest bristle. This means: no material abrasion, no cross-contamination, safe handling and maximum versatility for use in every area – from the kitchen to the production machine.

“Clean sweeps” are not the only trump card that the hygiene specialist Vikan has up its sleeve. The Danes are leaders in the field of cleaning and sanitary supplies for the food and beverage industry. In addition to their special brushes and brooms, we also offer Vikan dustpans and shovels as well as scrapers, squeegees and everything else that is essential for keeping production areas clean. By the way: Vikan is also the inventor of the colour coding system used to prevent cross-contamination. Yet another reason to trust the Danes when it comes to cleaning and sanitary supplies!