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Systematic office cupboards – the right cupboard for every requirement
You will find office cupboards suitable for every office in our online product range. The sliding door cupboard is a great way to save space, and is a very practical purchase when placed in narrow passageways. A larger office can be equipped with a full office wall cupboard, giving every employee space for their documents. If the office cupboard can be locked, then it is a secure spot for confidential documents and valuables. A fire proof cupboard, and an office cupboard with a safe, provide even more security. In the event of a fire, important documents remain protected in these cupboards. Along with these, universal cupboards are also suitable for a variety of uses. They are a perfect complement to every office and can, depending on requirements, be expanded segment by segment. Office cupboard systems are not only available for different purposes, but also available in different materials and colour tones. Whether modern, timeless, classic or elegant: office cupboards from our product range adapt to every design style imaginable and make a contribution to presenting the company in the right setting. There is a wide range of highly varied office cupboards available in the webshop, which can be installed individually and be attractively combined with other furnishings. High quality materials and non-wearing coatings also make the office cupboards from KAISER+KRAFT long-term companions for everyday office work.

Combine matching office cupboards
Office cupboards are characterised by a high level of functionality and an extremely stable construction. However, office furniture should also be combined to be visually attractive and create a uniform impression. Office cupboards and filing cupboards from KAISER+KRAFT fit into every work environment outstandingly, and can be easily combined with other items of office furniture. Office shelving units, desks, suspension file drawers or roll containers can be found in the webshop, all of which are produced with the same, or a similar, design. Even when all this office furniture is united at the workplace, the office still need not seem overloaded or crammed. Depending on the room, complementary combinations of cupboards are easy to find. Clearly structured interiors and clearly laid out organisational systems make office cupboards well structured space saving miracles. Everything remains within reach and is easy to stow away in order to keep everyday office work proceeding as smoothly as possible. High quality and coordinated office furnishings therefore not only ensures an organised office cupboard, but also creates a pleasant working atmosphere.

Office cupboards

Organisation doesn't have to be bureaucratic at the office. What are we trying to say? Exactly what we said – we're not telling you which office cupboards to choose. Let your own taste lead you to the right product, because no one knows what you need better than you do.
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QUIPO - Universal cupboard
HxWxD 1950 x 915 x 421 mm
Ex. VAT from 197,00
Ex. VAT 177,20
Ex. VAT from 175,00
Ex. VAT from 208,00
Ex. VAT 188,80
Ex. VAT 225,00
THEA Double door cupboard
2 shelves, 3 file heights
Ex. VAT 405,00
THEA Double door cupboard
4 shelves, 5 file heights
Ex. VAT 559,00
THEA Sliding door cupboard
1 shelf, 2 file heights
Ex. VAT 372,00
THEA Sliding door cupboard
2 shelves, 3 file heights
Ex. VAT 454,50
Ex. VAT 399,00
Ex. VAT 587,00
TINO Add-on cupboard
2 file heights, hinged doors
Ex. VAT 349,50
office akktiv - Base cupboard
HxWxD 942 x 913 x 420 mm
Ex. VAT 286,50
CP - Steel cupboard with fire protection
2 adjustable shelves, width 1200 mm
Ex. VAT 1.305,00
CP - Steel cupboard with fire protection
3 adjustable shelves, 1 lockable compartment, width 1200 mm
Ex. VAT 1.735,00
PETRA Filing cupboard
HxWxD 1851 x 800 x 362 mm
Ex. VAT 384,50
Ex. VAT from 417,00
Ex. VAT 445,50
mauser - Sliding door cupboard
with glass front, 4 shelves
Ex. VAT from 658,00
mauser - Sliding door cupboard
with glass front, 8 shelves, centre partition
Ex. VAT from 936,00
VERA Sliding door cupboard
1 shelf, 2 file heights, height 735 mm
Ex. VAT 292,50
VERA Sliding door cupboard
2 shelves, 3 file heights, height 1090 mm
Ex. VAT 342,00
Double door cupboard
with solid panel doors, 2 shelves
Ex. VAT 470,50
Double door cupboard
with solid panel doors, 4 shelves
Ex. VAT 611,00
Double door cupboard
with vision panel doors, 2 shelves
Ex. VAT 597,00
Double door cupboard
with vision panel doors, 4 shelves
Ex. VAT 803,00
Cloakroom locker
1 centre partition, 4 shelves
Ex. VAT 713,00
Double door cupboard
with solid panel door, 2 shelves
Ex. VAT 308,50
Ex. VAT 619,00
Ex. VAT 317,00
Ex. VAT 444,00
office akktiv - RENATUS Office cupboard/shelf unit
5 shelves, 6 file heights (3 of which are open)
Ex. VAT 417,50
Ex. VAT 288,00
office akktiv - Sliding door cupboard
height 1100 mm, 2 shelves
Ex. VAT 347,00
Ex. VAT 627,00
Ex. VAT 735,00
Ex. VAT 381,00
CONTACT Filing cupboard
2 shelves, with castors
Ex. VAT 437,50
Double door base cupboard
made of stainless steel
Ex. VAT 646,00
Double door base cupboard
for stainless steel workstation
Ex. VAT 855,00
Ex. VAT 458,50
office akktiv - RENATUS Shelf unit
1 open compartment, 4 drawers
Ex. VAT 308,00
Ex. VAT 395,50
Ex. VAT 327,50
office akktiv - ANNY Wardrobe
2 shelves, 1 clothes rail
Ex. VAT 489,50
Ex. VAT 375,00
Ex. VAT 437,50
176 items found
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