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Rubbermaid waste collectors and ashtrays: keep your company grounds clean and tidy!

Seeing as you don't get a second chance to make a first impression, you should examine the appearance of the outdoor areas of your company premises with a critical eye. Ensure uncompromising cleanliness! Rubbermaid waste collectors and ashtrays for outdoor areas mean that there's no question of where cigarette butts or bits of waste paper are supposed to go. The ashtrays and waste collectors are specifically designed for long-term outdoor use and are equipped with safety features to extinguish hot ashes or embers, among other things.

This is where Rubbermaid is in its element. The brand from Atlanta, Georgia, has made a name for itself worldwide with its waste bins and containers. As part of the parent company Newell Brands, Rubbermaid specialises in industry solutions for waste management. It is worth taking a closer look at the Rubbermaid products for cleaning and sanitary needs in our shop: you'll see that the Americans once again prove that they understand how to use basic principles as a clever way to keep things clean.