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The ladder – an all rounder
Ladders will allow the production output, storage volume and speed of work skyrocket in a proverbial sense. Regardless of whether it is painting work on a building, production processes in a factory hall or storage spaces in a mail order centre – using step ladders and telescopic ladders, you will be able to reach every location and overcome any apparent obstacles with ease. Our webshop offers a wide and varied range of high quality ladders and scaffolds for commercial requirements. The product range encompasses all versions of step ladders, lean-to ladders or stair ladders. Mobile safety steps make assignments more convenient and easier, with a number of models suitable for two persons, and also allow work materials to be put down safely. Load-dependent braked castors on the mobile work equipment provide a stable footing, as do the models without castors. Telescopic ladders can be pushed to the required height to reach any point at all. All these items of work equipment have been tested by TÜV and GS, and therefore guarantee occupational safety even at great heights. This even applies for the ''lightweight'' items with an inherent weight of 5 kg, but which can exhibit a load bearing capacity of up to 225 kg. Uninterrupted workflows are ensured by the latest ladders, day in and day out, even when requirements change.

Ladders need to be safe
Occupational safety doesn't stop with ladders. Companies and businesses are obliged to provide reliable and non-hazardous working equipment to their employees, which is why the standards expected of ladders and scaffolds are very high. It doesn't matter whether it's mobile, with castors and a landing, a step to stand on or a lean-to ladder: the inherent weight should always be low and the load bearing capacity should be as high as possible. This is achieved by using modern materials, such as aluminium and stainless steel. The materials should also be weatherproof and anti-slip. When working at heights, the employee should have a safe footing and not be at risk of slipping when ascending and descending. Wider steps can also provide an additional feeling of safety. Tested and verified safety is the utmost priority when purchasing ladders from KAISER+KRAFT. This is why customers in our online shop can search for a ladder that satisfies their requirements. If you wish to purchase a ladder, you are bound to find a suitable model for your intended purpose in our online product range. Different materials, flexible version, different sizes: KAISER+KRAFT gives you the choice.


The all rounder for every trade, in industry, in skilled trades and many other operations. We're talking about ladders. Whether step ladders, lean-to ladders, or stair ladders, all of our models have been tested by TÜV and/or GS, and guarantee stability even at great heights. It's never been this easy to buy the right ladder.
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Ex. VAT from 169,30
Ex. VAT from 133,00
Step ladder, single sided
comfort model with ergo pad®
Ex. VAT from 162,30
Ex. VAT from 113,90
Ex. VAT from 334,00
Ex. VAT from 151,70
Step ladder, double sided
comfort model with ergo pad®
Ex. VAT from 144,50
Ex. VAT from 334,50
Lean-to ladder with steps
ladder width 350 mm
Ex. VAT from 109,00
Lean-to ladder with steps
professional version, ladder width 420 mm
Ex. VAT from 139,90
Lean-to ladder with rungs
ladder width 350 mm
Ex. VAT from 77,10
Lean-to ladder with rungs
professional version, ladder width 420 mm
Ex. VAT from 108,20
Height adjustable lean-to ladder
extension ladder, 2-part
Ex. VAT from 209,50
Height adjustable lean-to ladder
extension ladder, 3-part
Ex. VAT from 374,50
Height adjustable lean-to ladder
rope operated extension ladder, 2-part
Ex. VAT from 634,00
Plastic ladder
with ribbed aluminium steps
Ex. VAT from 395,00
Solid plastic ladder
made entirely of GRP
Ex. VAT from 581,00
Telescopic folding ladder
stepladder, lean-to ladder and stair ladder in one
Ex. VAT from 390,50
Ex. VAT from 670,00
Ex. VAT from 699,00
Safety steps, mobile
angle of inclination 60°
Ex. VAT from 2.460,00
Aluminium folding safety steps, mobile
with 3-sided platform railing
Ex. VAT from 1.300,00
Ex. VAT from 772,00
Step ladder
single sided, ribbed
Ex. VAT from 172,70
Step ladder
double sided, ribbed
Ex. VAT from 179,90
Stair module
with 800 mm wide aluminium steps
Ex. VAT from 2.880,00
Ex. VAT from 625,00
Ex. VAT from 906,00
Ex. VAT from 313,00
Ex. VAT from 290,00
Step ladder
double sided, slip resistant
Ex. VAT from 174,50
Step ladder
single sided, slip resistant
Ex. VAT from 181,30
Ex. VAT from 297,50
Ex. VAT from 450,00
Safety step ladder
single sided access
Ex. VAT 228,50
Safety step ladder
double sided access
Price on request
Mobile warehouse steps
with safety hand rails
Ex. VAT from 545,00
Ex. VAT from 121,70
Ex. VAT from 1.575,00
Mobile safety step, zinc plated
with railing on 2 sides and access door
Ex. VAT from 1.920,00
Step ladder
single sided access, slip resistant, durable
Ex. VAT from 195,30
Step ladder
double sided access, slip resistant, durable
Ex. VAT from 180,40
Ex. VAT from 1.020,00
Ex. VAT from 1.130,00
Ex. VAT from 1.310,00
Ex. VAT from 1.425,00
93 items found
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