PIG Absorbent sheeting

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PIG leakage management – there's nothing that can't be absorbed!

If you have the right equipment at hand, leaks and oil splashes won't spell disaster. That's why it pays to order PIG products for leakage management. Absorbent sheeting in a wide variety of designs can be used for every possible application. The high quality fibres reliably absorb and hold liquids, and do not tear even when fully saturated. PIG leakage management thereby makes an important contribution to environmental protection at the company – not only in an emergency, but also in the daily work on machinery and with hazardous goods.

There's a good reason for the huge range of PIG products that can be used for handling hazardous goods in our range: as a New Pig brand, PIG is the leader in absorbent products and the first choice for more than 300,000 companies around the world. With a huge product range and any number of Product of the Year awards, PIG has become the industry standard in safety and leakage management.