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Name plates, tabletop brochure holders

Know exactly who! Name plates will tell your counterpart exactly whom they are dealing with. Table stands are an unobtrusive way of sharing information.
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DURABLE - Card sleeve
with retractable leash
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At your service, sign. Name plates.
Have you been in this situation? You're attending a large event with many other people, you strike up a conversation with someone you've just met and don't even know who you are talking to. Name plates won't let that happen. Of course, it's polite to introduce yourself at the start of the conversation and to say who you are and what your job is. But that isn't always possible: if, for example, you join in on a conversation that is already in progress. It would suffice if the other participants could just glance at your name plate, and an extended round of introductions would be made unnecessary. Not only can name plates be affixed to clothing; they also come as practical table signs. This means you won't have to remember all the innumerable names of the other participants in seminars or discussion rounds, and yet can still address each and every individual by name. Table signs like this are, incidentally, not just for names, but also for other important information. They inform people that they are at the reception, or they advertise the special offer for the day. Those who pay attention to and read name plates and table signs have a clear advantage. And those who buy them and use them do too.
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