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Tacker or stapler – what's the right choice?
If you've found yourself thinking ''tacker or stapler, what's there to talk about?'', then we would respond: quite a lot! Could you, for example, explain the different between tackers and staplers spontaneously? Here's the short version: a stapler shoots or presses a U-shaped staple into the material, where it stays in place without deforming. Stapling, in contrast, involves having the device fold over the U-shaped side pieces of the staple so that they fasten the materials being stapled together. But enough quibbling: we are giving you some information and tips in the following to ensure you find the right tacker or stapler in our product range.

Use these tips to find the right tacker or stapler.
Important questions to ask before you purchase your new tacker or stapler are, for example: Which material are you going to be fastening with it, and what will the maximum thickness be? If you want to fasten signs, labels or films in place, then you will usually find a more simple model better than if you are fastening padding material, insulation plates or floorboards in place. Other details of which you should think about in advance: Which maximum leg length should the staples have? Do you prefer closed stapling with legs bent inwards, or the open variety with legs bent outwards? How often do you bind or staple, and how high should the corresponding loading capacity of the model be, so that you don't have to keep refilling the device? And, maybe the most decisive question of all: will a normal staple gun suffice for everyday use, or do you need one of the more expensive professional models, like a pneumatic cardboard plier staplers or an electronic table stapler? Either way, you'll find we have exactly the right tacker or stapler for your needs – and of course along with everything else you might need from the packaging material area.

Staplers, binders

Cardboard box plier staplers, staple guns or electronic table staplers? The choice of the right stapler or binder sounds so easy... but is, in fact, anything but! But don't worry, you're guaranteed to find the right one here...
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Plier stapler
closed stapling, with flat tongue
Ex. VAT 77,70
Staple gun
open stapling
Ex. VAT 77,00
Ex. VAT 519,00
Ex. VAT 965,00
Electric desk stapler
up to 30 sheets
Ex. VAT 293,00
Stapling hammer
open stapling
Ex. VAT 80,90
Electric desk stapler
up to 50 sheets
Ex. VAT 897,00
TOP carton sealing staplers
manual one handed model
Ex. VAT 497,00
TOP carton sealing staplers
pneumatic with quick coupling
Ex. VAT 725,00
Plier stapler
closed stapling, with U-shaped tongue
Ex. VAT 93,80
10 items found
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