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The next meeting, the appointment to have your tyres changed, or the vocabulary when learning languages. What are all the things we would forget if it weren't for one of the best-known products from 3M: the colourful, self-adhesive Post-it notes? And yet some people would like to see the innovations of this globally active corporation banished. Why? Not for the reason you might initially think, but instead because of the technologies that 3M has used to earn itself such an outstanding reputation. And because some of Neil Armstrong's equipment when he walked on the moon was made from 3M products. Somehow, this fits in with the stated mission that this major corporation is pursuing: “Our innovations only aim to make one thing easier. Your life.”

Around 51 basic technologies and more than 120,000 registered patents speak for themselves, and every day around 8,100 researchers work on the continuing development of 3M products. It's therefore no wonder that the company's vast product range covers almost all areas of life, the worlds of work, technology and medicine, while ensuring occupational safety, security and comfort. From sandpaper to protective eyewear, structural adhesives and more, with 1.9 billion US dollars in annual investment in research and development, you can look forward to seeing what 3M has to offer in future.

You'd probably like to start by seeing for yourself just how good the quality of 3M products is. You will find a large selection in our product range. Have fun discovering them!

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