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What is good for spinach is definitely good for us as well: light. Did you know that spinach kept under fluorescent lights contained more vitamins C, K, E and folic acid than the spinach that the researchers kept in dark conditions? Light is undeniably invigorating, inspiring and stimulating. We need light. To live. And to work. And when it comes to the latter, it's a good thing that we place our trust in light art made by HANSA: after all, it's the intelligent HANSA lamps and luminaires in the office, workshop or warehouse that boost productivity, concentration and health. In addition, modern lighting solutions noticeably help save energy and costs. One tiny component in particular has revolutionised the world in this regard: the light-emitting diode. LED lamps from HANSA make an impression with their size, efficiency, service life, light intensity and light quality. Compared to conventional light bulbs, LEDs have three times the luminosity and a service life of up to 50000 hours or almost 25 years.

To leave an even brighter light shining at your desk, the range of products offered by HANSA has plenty of lux and lots of atmosphere: HANSA energy-saving lamps and LED designer lamps in a range of colours, designs and light intensities. With this much clarity of mind, they'll help you to come up with lots of bright ideas.

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